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Aircon Installation Services in Navotas

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Pulutan Night in Navotas

While Navotas is normally known as the fishing capital of the Philippines,they don’t just limit themselves to fish. Navotas has restaurants that have been growing in order to help the younger population of Navotas to enjoy their stay and also attract tourists from all over Metro Manila to take a peek at their city. Here are some places you can eat in while in Navotas.

Meatin place

Meat’in Place

From a wordplay “meeting place”, Meatin’ Place isn’t just the normal meeting place for people but also a place where people get their daily requirement of good meat. Their fried chicken isn’t the normal fried pigeons you see in most restaurants. Their orders are not that small either. The locals of Navotas have frequented this place due to their expansive menu that allows them to try all sorts of cuisines. And the best part of it is that it’s affordable. They have a Philly Cheesesteak made with sirloin beef strips sauteed with caramelized onions, bell pepper, garlic, and button mushrooms before being slathered in some cheese and encased in two pieces of herbal foccacia bread. Their dining is alfresco style which then helps people enjoy the sea night air every time they go there. 


Kafish Food Express

Kafish Food Express is the restaurant that truly takes pride in Navotas being the fishing capital of the Philippines. While they also have meat dishes to satisfy those meat lovers, majority of their dishes are fish and seafood-based - inspired by their seafood heritage. They have the delicious Kafish Bangus Sisig that’s constantly served on a sizzling platter and true to their tradition that sisig is meant for sharing. They also have a special seafood take on how people serve their nachos and use tuna instead of the usual ground meat if you’re looking for a way to gorge on nachos without gaining weight. Best of all, many of their servings are meant for sharing and pulutan after a hard day’s work.

Bistro kakamberta

Bistro Kakamberta

After a hard day’s work, nothing better than walking into a restaurant to enjoy a good beer and food that goes with a beer. Bistro Kakamberta can do that exactly for you! Lying along C4, this bistro always has live bands to get either people pumped or to help people relax while having a good meal. Kakamberta also has a catering service which can help celebrate your weddings, baptisms, bachelor parties, and all sorts of celebration without a hitch. But even if you’re not looking for a catering service, Bistro Kakamberta is more than willing to help you relax with your friends with a couple of beers and their pulutan to help eat and drink your worries away.

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