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Chinatown at the South: Chinese Restaurants in Muntinlupa

While everyone knows that the legitimate Chinatown is in either Manila or Quezon City’s Banawe, there are also Chinese restaurants in Muntinlupa for that quick fix for dimsum,siomai, siopao, and many old Chinese favourites. There are times that continental food loses its touch and you just want something simple for a filling meal. One of the best foods to look as Chinese food, known for their many forms of comfort food.

Chairman wang

Chairman Wang’s

One of the more popular Chinese Restaurants in the Muntinlupa is a restaurant known as Chairman Wang’s. Located in the Molito complex,Chairman Wang’s is a restaurant that holds true to authentic Chinese culture. Upon entering, you are greeted by a calming waterfall after walking through the arches that reminisce of the Great Wall of China. The Chinese restaurant boasts of its opulence and elegance - that of an Imperial Chinese court restaurant. Their specialties are mostly noodle dishes which all go through the traditional Chinese noodle-making ceremony for those chewy and sluck-worthy noodles you’re looking for.

Phoenix court

Phoenix Court - The Bellevue Manila

For those who wish to dine and eat like the emperors and empresses of the past, the Phoenix Court can help you do just that.Designed in both red and gold with paintings of the mysterious yet glamorous phoenix, the Phoenix Court is a restaurant that was meant to hold big family gatherings and lauriats to bring families closer to one another. They have hot dishes such as the traditional steam lapu-lapu in soy sauce, the kid friendly sweet and sour pork, beef with broccoli, and duck that can be served as either minced duck in lettuce or the usual duck wrapped with hoisin sauce, and leek. They also have a variety of dumplings that are definitely worth each and every bite you take.

Wee nam kee

Wee Nam Kee

For those not into the traditional Chinese food, there’s Wee Nam Kee that serves a fusion of both Chinese and Singaporean cuisine. In Wee Nam Kee, many of their foods are more focused on casual dining such as the Singaporean favourite - Laksa and the Macau Fried Chicken. Wee Nam Kee is more of a casual dining restaurant meant to be enjoyed with friends especially after a long tiring day at work. And their specialty is their Hainanese Chicken served with their special Hainanese sauce to experience the full body taste all the more.

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