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Muntinlupa: Other than Malling…

Muntinlupa is not commonly mentioned to many people. In fact, they just group up several of the bordering cities and just name it either The South or Alabang. But Muntinlupa has much to offer despite it simply being on the way to Alabang. While Alabang is starting to become the next BGC, Muntinlupa has its own things to offer.

Tycoon playhouse

Little Tycoon Playhouse

Muntinlupa’s newest indoor playground for kids and adults. It’s like a mini-city in a room where adults can easily watch their kids and make sure they don’t hurt themselves. The rates are by the hour and since it’s a new place, it’s still relatively clean and many of the toys that kids can play there are still in good condition. It’s Muntinlupa’s version of Kidzania which has kids immerse themselves in simulated real life situations where they would serve pizza, put out fires, and all the sorts.

For japanese cemetery

 Japanese Cemetery

Now most people would ask: why go to a cemetery? The Japanese cemetery serves as the resting place of some Japanese soldiers from WWII. Also, some of the Japanese here were already immigrants in the Philippines so it serves as a place nostalgic for those from Japan and to see that their culture is still well-respected. The names of the Japanese people are engraved on tombstones, just like the ones in the Japanese cemeteries back in their country. So for those who wish to investigate or learn about Japanese culture, you can start from here.

Kitchen revolution

Kitchen Revolution

Having a hard time boil an egg? Wondering how to set up a three course meal without blowing up the kitchen? Kitchen Revolution is the answer to those problems! Not only do they serve their own meals and drinks but they also function as a culinary school for kids who want to learn how to cook their own meals. Many of their classes also involve baking and even have a website where they preserve some of their recipes should you want to repeat. What better way to spend time than to learn something essential life and something new? Want to learn how to cook? Go to Kitchen Revolution.