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Whenever you need a standard or automatic gate for the garage of your house or apartment, we've got all the best professional gate installer for you!

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Muntinlupa for Burger Hunters

Whether you’re driving on the road or just simply sitting at home watching TV, what’s the first thing most people look for? Other than pizza, the next best thing would be hamburgers. What’s there not to love in a hamburger with their oozing cheese and their juicy grilled beef patties topped with some fresh crispy lettuce and juicy tomatoes, all stacked up and placed together with freshly toasted sesame buns? 

8cuts burger blends

8 Cuts Burger Blends

For a more classy burger, 8 Cuts Burger Blends is the place for you.While they have their own signature burgers, they also have an option where you can make your own burger combination.Their burger patties range from beef, angus beef and, ox meat which definitely adds a new spin on the usual burgers. They also have different kinds of bread to enhance the experience that goes along with different toppings. Their tributes are no push-over either as they have the famous Q-Daddy burger that uses ox meat for its burger patty and The Franch where they have lamb shoulder that’s been ground into a patty. Your burger, your choice.


Big Better Burgers

As their name states, they got big burgers and they do their best to make it better. Big Better Burgers is a home-y place that really makes you feel as if you’re dining in an American burger joint. Their burgers are the classic burgers that people normally see but with their own twist. For the traditional mushroom burger, they substituted that with the Shitake Teriyaki burger that has sauteed Shitake mushrooms that have been glazed with teriyaki sauce.Looking for some exotic cheese with a touch of meat? That’s where the Bacon Bleu Cheese comes in. With crispy bacon strips resting on top of a bed of bleu cheese and a burger, they definitely satisfy the meat and cheese requirement you have for your burger. And for those who don’t want a mess on their hands, they also have burgers served with rice such as the Southern Comfort that has barbecue sauce and the Bistro Burger served with their special mushroom sauce.

Hey ho burgers

Hey Ho G Burgs

Another hidden gem and burger garage, Hey Ho G Burgs have big portions that definitely make the trip and trouble finding it worth it. And here in this place, nobody eats a burger with knife and fork (because using utensils to eat a burger is blasphemy) and they eat it like how a burger should really be eaten.Many of their recipes are home made such as the Lulu Burger which comes with peanut butter and chili onion jam. For those who are looking to burn their tongue, they have the Time Bomb which is loaded with jalapenos, green chili poppers, and chili aoli. If you’re looking for artisanal,home-style burgers, Hey Ho G Burgs is definitely the place for you! But if you’re not in for the beef in burgers, they also have other orders such as the Chick Taylor which is a grilled chicken breast fillet with some TLC and honey mustard. Definitely one place you’re never going to forget! For the true authentic Burger Garage experience, Hey Ho G Burgs is the place for you!

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