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Church Pilgrimage while in Marikina

Many people know Marikina for being the capital of making shoes and the place that frequently gets flooded. But Marikina also has many places to look at and enjoy. And one of the few things that people tend to overlook, are the designs of the churches in the city. The design of the church says a lot about the locals and the people who live in that city. And in Marikina, they have churches that are dedicated to different people.


Our Lady of the Abandoned Parish

This church was once the centre of a controversy between two religious groups and was soon declared a neutral ground. The parish is dedicated to the Blessed Mother, symbolizing her care for those who have been left behind - whether intentionally or by freak accident. The church in itself is made entirely of stone and made of simple designs. But entering the church, you’re in for a big surprise. The ceiling is decorated with many images of the Blessed Mother. All hallways have a sculptor’s own interpretation as to how the Lady of the Abandoned would appear. Nonetheless, for those who are lost and have gone wayward, the parish can serve as your shelter until you’ve found the will to move.

Immaculate concepcion parish

Immaculate Conception Parish

The Immaculate Conception Parish has been favoured and loved by many of the locals who wish to attend mass. Over the years, the parish has also been repairing many of its structures to make sure that the parish would not lose its beauty. As its name states, it is dedicated to the Lady of the Immaculate Conception and has a shrine dedicated to her made in gold. It is one of the older churches in Marikina and also one of those churches where the Marian parades are held.

St. gabriel

St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows Parish

One of the smaller churches located in the heart of Marikina. Many people go here to seek refuge and silence from the loud, fast-paced modern society that we have all grown accustomed to. It has undergone many renovations and is situated near one of Marikina’s shopping malls. For those who seek nothing but solace and silence from the world, the parish of St. Gabriel would be more than happy to accommodate those with a weary heart to let them rest and let go of all the stress they have gone through during the week.

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The food was 100% delicious! As for the servers, the quality of service offered was almost like a 5 star hotel buffet! Good job!