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Aircon Installation Services in Marikina

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3 Safe Ways Before Installing Aircons in Marikina

Marikina is the capital for shoes and the home to the famous Marikina River. When in Marikina, the humidity can be quite an issue especially with the water evaporating so fast from the river. So, to combat humidity - people buy aircons. But in a country that’s prone to typhoons and floods, how do you install aircons while fighting with the erratic weather? Here are some ways to install aircons in your home in Marikina.


Check if you have any leaks

Checking for any leaks in the house helps especially when aircons need a hole to be drilled into the wall. Most of all, installing an aircon where there are leaks may mess up the machinery inside the aircon and you’ll end up having to spend more than you should to fix your aircon and get it running. Aircons, just like any machine, need to be taken care of and monitored as they are made of metals that are vulnerable to natural elements.


Check your electric bill

Is your electric bill skyrocketing when it shouldn’t? Then maybe you shouldn’t install an aircon first. Aircons consume a lot of electricity and if you’re already having a hard time with your electric bill then, maybe a slight delay won’t be too bad. It will be a bit hot for awhile but at least you’ll be able to stabilize your financial status before adding more load to your electric bill.


Check if there are any grounds in the electricity

Like any other machine, aircons need energy to run. And the energy they run on is electricity. Should you have a ground in your current, that could be a big problem. Some machines have surge protectors to prevent them from spontaneously combusting and catching fire. But, it can only cushion so much of the electrical surge before bursting into flames and setting your house on fire. So, check your electrical currents. Check if your house can handle the load without exploding. It will not only help you save money but also save your life.

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