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The Famous and Original Must-Trys of Manila

The first thing people remember when they hear the word “Manila”, they remember Intramuros or the famous and infamous Divisoria. But in Manila, it’s also been the home to many old Chinese families. And if there’s anything that Chinese people love, it’s good food. Many of the Chinese restaurants in the city had originated from Binondo as they were started by the Chinese families that wanted nothing more but to make a living. Here are some of the holes in the wall of Manila that you must try.

Mr. ube

Mr. Ube Rice and Noodle House

Their pansit noodles were so good – they were selected before for the World Trade Exhibit for Food. Their pansit, with chewy and succulent noodles, is stir-fried with fresh vegetables that are only procurable in Binondo for its freshness. While Mr. Ube mostly has Chinese food, it also has expanded its menu by also dabbling with Singaporean culture which they integrated the all famous street food of Singapore: Laksa. With seafood and noodles swimming in a spicy coconut broth, their Laksa and pancit is a must try for a truly authentic taste of old Chinese food.

Masuki mami

Masuki Mami Restaurant

Rumours have floated around that there was once a siomai as big as someone’s fist. Well, this is the perfect place to get it! Masuki Mami, not only known for their noodles, serves siomai and dimsum that are much bigger than the ones in regular city Chinese restaurants. Their Maki Mi – noodles simmered in thick meat broth with chunks of pork – is a definite best-seller as it really fills you up with its savoury flavour while having chewy noodles. Looking for noodles but unable to decide between Japanese and Chinese? Taste Masuki’s Maki Mi. It will definitely settle the problem for you.

President grand palace

President Grand Palace

One of the oldest and original restaurants in Binondo. President Place appears to be fine dining but still exhibits the air of casual dining that one looks for. Their saté fish head is steamed in an authentic Chinese claypot for tenderness and freshness, all the while absorbing all the flavours of the herbs inside the stew. The famous rumour that Chinese people can make a wonderful recipe from almost anything is shown perfectly here. For those in for an exotic Chinese adventure, look no further than the President Palace.

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