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Academic Lessons in Manila

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Manila Hotspots

Manila, the current capital of the Philippines. Home to many of the old Chinese families and factories for those special raw materials people need for those who are craftsmen by heart. Manila has many spots that are ripe for the picking! Here are a few.


Divisoria, Mall 168

Divisoria, home of to one of the biggest tiangges in the country. Here, you get crazy bargains that are really worth while! The mall is divided into four wings with each containing different wares that would appeal to anybody’s fancy. Looking for a cheap hobby shop? It’s there. Wondering where people can buy so many of those flying drones with cameras? Look no further than the Divisoria! 



Intramuros, not only is it celebrated for having the Manila Cathedral, it is also the place where much of the old Spanish culture had been preserved. The buildings still retained much of their Spanish touch and so have the activities that are held outside. While the government buildings surround the place, there are people outside who sell their barbecued wares at the square. Also, they have their kalesa which is PHP120.00/hour which is a good culture trip for those who are history junkies.

Manila bay

Manila Bay

Also known as the Baywalk, here Manila Bay has a wonderful view of the sun where people get to take pictures of its famous iconic sunset. The Manila Bay has served as the main port for Manila for years and has been celebrated as historical place since the coming of the Americans. Along the bay, there are also little restaurants at the side where you can dine in alfresco while all the way watching the sun rise and set. It also has carriages which take you alongside for a good trip down the memory lane. 

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