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Events Places in Mandaluyong

Mandaluyong City is normally known for the National Center of Mental Health. Thus the running gag of whether one lives on the outside or the inside. Mandaluyong has a variety of places to offer as either a restaurant area or an events place there in the city. So those who wish to have debuts, sweet sixteens, and other grand celebrations – here are the places to go.

Wack wack country club

Wack Wack Country Club

Wack Wack Country Club is an old Golf club that many if the old families would frequent to play golf or have some business meetings. Despite the length of time that has passed, Wack-Wack Country Club hasn’t lost its lustres. One of its most prominent event halls is that of the Pavilion. Many Debuts, Sweet Sixteens, Wedding Receptions, and other grand events were held there. They also have an upstairs room where the celebrants can stay and change. Right outside the Pavilion is also a pool which can also be reserved for the party should the celebrant want a swimming party.

Shangri la

EDSA Shang Hotel

EDSA Shang Hotel has stood tall for a long time. Their restaurants such as Heat have made it stand out. But their ballrooms are what really people look into. For many years, EDSA Shang has served as a ground for High School Proms - every girl’s dream night. And their catering for those events is only matched by the service they provide and the decor that brings one’s desired event to life. So for those who want a glorious ballroom to feel like a princess, go to EDSA Shang Hotel.

Mega trade hall

Mega Trade Hall

The Mega Trade Hall is known for many of the conventions it holds. Be it the Toy Con, the Comic Con, and many other conventions that are infamous for filling up the MRT in seconds. The Mega Trade Hall has been there ever since Megamall started and has only gotten bigger to appeal to many more people who wish to make their way to the convention. The Mega Trade Hall is more of a fair, convention type place not usually to be having debuts and other grand celebrations amongst its halls.

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