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Healthy Food Supplier in Mandaluyong

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The Best Healthy Food Suppliers in Mandaluyong

Whenever you need healthy and nutritious food for you and your family, we've got all the best healthy food suppliers for you!

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Restaurants to try in Mandaluyong

While many people know Mandaluyong city as the location of where NCMH (National Center of Mental Health) is, there are many malls that also lurk in the area. There’s the grand Mega Mall which right next to Shangri-La mall. So, there’s a large selection of foods to try from!



Known for the famous chicken wings, Frankie’s offers eleven different flavours to satisfy anybody’s craving for buffalo wings. Frankie’s also offers a level of spice which could be chosen by whoever is ordering. Their famous Parmesan Garlic, Carribean Jerk, and Hickory Barbecue are their tested best sellers! Located in the Fashion Mall of Mega Mall, Frankie’s appeals to all people from all walks of life with their exquisite and unique flavours. They pride themselves in their variety of flavours rather than the variety of menu. If you’re the type to be completely alright with digging into a basket of wings, then by all means! They offer plastic gloves for you to eat the chicken wings with your hands!


Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen

Inspired by different spots in Japan, this ramen house reveals a variety of ramen that indulges those who want a taste of the different parts of Japan. For those who have a leather tongue and could stand the heat, the Yuzu Tama is the ramen for you! Spicy but with hint of herbs, the Yuzu Tama’s green colour shouldn’t fool you when it comes to spiciness! For egg lovers, they have the kid friendly Ajitama Ramen which has two of the soft-boiled eggs in the ramen served with thinly sliced Chashu. And considering the cold air in Shangri-La mall, a bowl of Ramen is the best way to go to heat up!


Zark's Burgers

A recent competitor just in. Zark’s Burgers are famous for two of their burgers: the Jaw Breaker which has four patties and the Tombstone Burger, the older brother which has eight patties, onion rings, fries and drowned with cheese! Their burgers are grilled with all the juice as it melts in your mouth the meaty taste. They are also famous for their bacon wrapped burger. It’s quite literally a burger wrapped in bacon before its deep fried and served to you. Their Chili Burger is no joke either. Covered with siling labuyo and hot sauce, you’re definitely in for a fiery ride of your life!

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