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Feeling Warmth and Love in The Home Restaurants of Malabon

Malabon, the city known for its famous Pansit Malabon and Dolor’s Kakanin, has grown famous over the years for many other restaurants. Although Malabon may not be the same bustling metropolis like Makati, Malabon has its own form of simplistic appeal that rubs off on those who have not been to Malabon. For many of its locals, Malabon is the home of many alfresco eateries and home-cooked meals that have won the hearts of many. Here are some places to go while in Malabon:



Pescadores Restaurant carries a more fancy and resort like feel by decorating its walls with paintings of great masters. In Malabon, Pescadores is known to be the events place where many people bring their families and friends to have large-scale celebrations. There are two function rooms that display several carvings of the images of Jesus and Mary, reflecting the devotion of the Filipinos to the Blessed Mother and the Son of God. Pescadores asides from the two function Halls has a bistro where people can enjoy simple meals surrounded by decorations normally found in a traditional Filipino home. 


Jamicos Restaurant

If there’s one thing that Jamicos is famous for, it’s for the famous Judy Ann Crispy Pata. Their Crispy Pata has been the one signature dish that keeps everyone coming back. The crispy skin at every bite, crackling in your mouth at every crunch. The meat cooked just right with the perfect juiciness that is to come from pork. All served with the traditional native sauce and a plate of hot steaming white rice and you’re set for the best Crispy Pata meal in your life. Their restaurant reflects the desire for a warm home and a warm meal, showing that even the simplest of places can offer you the best of meals.

Red palmas

Red Palma’s Restaurant

Reflecting the warmth of a home through a terrace like design, Red Palma’s Restaurant entertains its guests with a more garden-like design with trellises of vines decorating its walls.While it serves the traditional Filipino food, Red Palma’s restaurant has always entertained its guests with its home-cooked meals. Their famous Baked Bangus has won the hearts of many of its patrons who are more than happy to enjoy food there with them in the restaurant. 

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