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Original Must Trys of Malabon

First time someone here’s the word Malabon, normally they remember Pancit Malabon. How could they not know? It’s the thing that Malabon is most famous for! However, Malabon has more to offer than just the Pancit Malabon. Here are some places that you definitely must go to when in Malabon.



While they do have a branch in Valenzuela and it’s famous from being there, Kalborger’s was actually from Malabon! They’re known for their 9-inch burger patties which are by no means as thin as paper. Their burgers are so big, that people can cut it into quarters in order to share around with some friends! Kalborger’s may have the appearance of Burger Machine but fret not! Their burgers are a whole lot better than you think! Best part is, you really get bang for buck with their burgers especially since they are 9-inches in diameter. Looking for a huge burger? Go to Kalborger’s.

Dolor s kakanin

Dolor’s Kakanin

Looking for a merienda and desert to satisfy your cravings? People of Malabon suggest that you head over to Dolor’s Kakanin for a good merienda. They also have the famous Pancit Malabon and do a pretty mean version of it. Another thing they are famous for is their pichi-pichi and their sapin-sapin which would commonly be paired up with their Pancit Malabon. As a small, quaint place, people normally underestimate its quality. But don’t let its appearance fool you. Their kakanins are definitely a shot to go for as it is one of the prides of Malabon.

For aling mely s carinderia

Aling Mely’s Carinderia

While most people have mixed reviews about a carinderia, this carinderia has been one of Malabon’s Prides since 1966. It was one a little store which slowly evolved into a big restaurant and which Aling Mely herself would whip out. She serves a variety of dishes - one of the more special ones would be her tapang kabayo which was not as gamy or chewy as people thought. Everyday, there is a new set of dishes that would attract a new set of people. Give her carinderia a shot, you’ve got nothing to lose!

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