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Plumbing Repair Services in Malabon

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Whenever you need plumbing repair services for your house, condo, apartment or office, we've got all the best professional plumbers for you!

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Tea Time in Malabon

In Europe, they have something called “tea time” which is a time where people sit down and relax to have a chat with their visitors. But often times, people now neglect that as the pace of society has gotten too fast for people to enjoy anything. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy a good cup of tea or maybe a tumbler of that. In the industrial city of Malabon, tea time isn’t commonly observed but it is a welcoming thought to those who work there.



Bubblicitea Cafe is a kid-friendly cafe with its bright colours for those who like a place with a more cheery atmosphere. Many of their orders are more on milktea rather than hot tea which is a hit to both young and adult in the area. They have an assortment of flavours such as Peppero Flavoured Shakes which is made from the Peppero brand of Pocky sticks. But while they also have cold drinks, they also serve hot meals with their pizza being a best-seller. Bubblictea is definitely a place to go and enjoy a cold drink with some friends and a pizza.


Tea Sparkle Tea Room

Unlike the usual tea rooms which have a more modern flare to it, Tea Sparkle Tea Shop follows an authentic Asian-style tea shop. Their best-selling tea is their Thai Milk Tea, a smooth but not so creamy taste for those who aren’t into the milky flavours. For the ones who are trying out the place for the first time, try their Wintermelon Milk Tea - a classic - nonetheless a crowd pleaser when it comes tasting their milk tea. Many of Malabon’s locals consider the Tea Sparkle Tea Shop the best place to go for an authentic tea time.



Beanleaf is known for the comfy ambiance. But also for their milk tea and sausage dishes. Beanleaf is commonly mistaken to be in Navotas due to it being near the border between both Malabon and Navotas but the restaurant itself stays in Malabon. Their best sellers are the Okinawa and Dark Chocolate flavour for Milk Tea but they also have a quality selection for coffee. Their Caramel Macchiato, frothing with milk and glazed with sweet caramel sauce on top, is a definite must-try when you go to Beanleaf. And don’t forget to try their Hungarian Sausage dishes, definitely one of the best sellers.

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Tin Reyes


Service was quick, Job was done well And kuya was very friendly and helpful. Highly recommended!

Joey Zaballero

MB Plumbing and Electrical Services

I liked their prompt response despite the job being so close to Christmas. The guy was very thorough and looked at all angles and even though the final problem was a simple blockage, we discussed other ways of improving the plumbing. Very happy with the service.