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How To Enjoy Touring in Malabon

While Malabon is more of a rural place with simple folk, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to enjoy the trip. In Malabon, the locals are more into preserving pieces of history or having simple attractions. These attractions then are what help the locals de-stress and also entertain those who come from beyond the borders of Malabon. 

Malabon zoo

Malabon Zoo

Malabon Zoo is one of the oldest zoos, catering to many animals. Unlike most zoos, Malabon Zoo actually allows the people visiting to interact with the animals with supervision. Their most famous attraction is Marimar, a trained Orangutan who helps entertain the people and the guests as they make their way through the zoo. Malabon Zoo is one of the places to go to entertain your kids and see animals of different kinds as a cheaper alternative.

Paez house

Paez Luna House

One of Malabon’s more historic pieces, the Paez house served as an ancestral home to the old family of Paez-Luna family The Paez house still retains much of its old Spanish designs and has served as an inspiration for many designers for those who wish to retain the classic Mediterranean house design for their own home. However, what makes this house so beautiful is that the famous painter Armosolo had painted two ceiling paintings in the house as a symbol of love for one of the daughters of the Paez-Luna family.

Farmacia borja

Farmacia Borja

One of the oldest houses lying in Malabon, Farmacia Borja was owned by the Rojas-Borja family. As one of the oldest houses (and definitely one of the most well-preserved ones), the Farmacia Borja still retains its fame of being from stone and wood. The house in itself is an ornate carving, showing off many of its carvings and designs from the old Spanish era ala art noveau. It is currently owned and being restored by Dr. Raymundo Gonzales who allows tourism and trails to take pictures of this ancestral home.

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Johanna Melissa Chua

KrisDaHei Company

The cleaners were very polite and cleaned my plce very very well despite the size of the unit. They do their job well and you won't regret hiring them. I'm really looking forward to having them clean up my place again in the near future.

Bernice Soriano

Delmont Carpet Bed Sofa Steam Shampoo and General Cleaning Services

I am really happy with the work they did. This included mattress cleaning, carpet cleaning as well as everything else in the condo. Very professional and accommodating. I will definitely get their services again.

Christina Cheng


I'm happy with their service. Very polite and considerate. They know how to keep your space clean and organize :)