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Aircon Repair Services in Makati

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We get you the best aircon repair services in Makati, so you get more free time for all the fun things in life

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The Best Aircon Repair Services in Makati

Whenever you need aircon repairs for your house, condo, apartment or office, we've got all the best aircon professionals for you!

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Hire top rated aircon repair services in Makati and get the job done with Gawin, the best "service marketplace / platform" in the Philippines

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Let Gawin take care of your aircon problems so you can live your life hassle free.

Tips and Helpful Hints on How To Choose The Best Aircon in Makati

Installing an aircon could be quite a chore. But it has become quite a necessity to install due to the heat in the Philippines. And in Makati, one of the biggest commercial cities, doesn’t have much trees so the air gets all clumped up together along with heat. So, the one way to solve this is by buying an aircon. And in Makati, it shouldn’t be that hard. But how to choose the best aircon for your home? Here are some tips!

Credit card

Check your credit card points

Some credit cards do have a reward system for the frequency that you use your credit card. And if you’re the type who really burns out their credit card then, check your points. Some appliance stores can be participating branches that give out prizes for constantly using that bank’s credit card. And if they do have an aircon for a prize, best part is - you won’t have to spend a single peso to buy the aircon.

Aircon number

Check the efficiency number

Every aircon has an efficiency number taped to its frame. By looking at the efficiency number, you’ll know how much electricity it will eat up and how much it would spike up your electric bill. The efficiency number when choosing, most people prefer a double digit number which shows that the aircon is highly efficient when consuming electricity. So, choose wisely. And since you’re in Makati, it shouldn’t be hard to canvas around especially with all the malls.

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Know how long you’re going to use your aircon

People have different preferences of when to use their aircon. Some people only use it at night. Some only use it when guests are around and others use it 24/7 especially if they’re in a hot place. And when you know how long you’re going to use your aircon, you’d know what kind of aircon to pick. There are types of aircon known as inverter that return electricity back to the grid when it’s consuming and also using natural energies to power the aircon. 

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Lorelie Ann Abella

Mister Fixit

We were very happy with their service! They were very professional and pleasing to work with. They were even receptive and open to an impromptu request to service an additional unit. Highly recommended!