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Academic Lessons in Makati

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The Best Academic Lessons in Makati

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Keeping up the grades while keeping up the life

While Makati is known to be a monstrous, booming, commercial area, there are always a few pros and cons to any kind of development that may or may not cause a drastic change. Makati has many schools within the area and sometimes, having many malls in one area may not be helpful but instead be distracting while being surrounded by a lot of shopping malls. So, how do you keep up the grades and pay attention to the lessons despite the many distractions? Here’s how.


Find a cafe

In every city that has a booming commercial industry, there are little cafes you can stay in to study. They may not be the big name coffee places but because they aren’t, they are quiet places where you can study. Focusing on your lessons not only gives you less stress to worry about after but also the confidence to answer whatever test you’re studying for. Besides, because they’re not so big time - you can also save a little cash since they’re probably one of the cheaper cafes lying around the area.

Ayala museum

Go to places related to the subject matter

If studying history then, Makati has one advantage. There’s the Ayala Museum which keeps many relics of the past. Instead of just looking at a grayscale picture in your book or scrolling through google, you can go to the museum where everything is also can be explained to you in layman’s terms. And if you’re looking for fashion designs, check the shops around you for some good inspiration for your next line.


Try exploring the different restaurants in Makati

When trying to learn about a certain topic, sometimes it’s best to get lost in the city of Makati and explore the different restaurants. When you’re working on that sociology or anthropology paper, what’s the best way to learn about culture? The first thing to pop into your mind would be food. Before heading into the city of Taguig, there are also small places there that have good food and even the simplest of designs can give you a window as to who the people are. 

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My son's having a hard time in school, so having a tutor really helps! Aside from the knowledge, earning bonus techniques are also helpful for him!