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The American Dream in Las Piñas

Las Piñas is one of the more historical cities in the Philippines. The city houses many of the Philippines’ historical artifacts, attracting tourists from all over the world to see. The city of Las Piñas is also known to be the home of the famous Bamboo Organ and the church that houses this said artifact. But even as it preserves the biggest parts of history, it also has progressed to keep up with the times and the tourists that venture through the city to see its treasures. 



Burgoo is a kid friendly restaurant with orders big enough to split among friends. Their ambiance is similar to that of an American diner with many of their dishes being the American favourite. The best part is, their tables are covered with large pieces of paper and kids are given crayons to draw. One of their best orders in Burgoo is their buffalo wings, served with their creamy bleu cheese sauce to counter that spicy hot marinade. They also have grilled ribs to be shared with friends. If there’s a place you want to go to find good American portions, it’s Burgoo.

Xanders dinner

Xander’s Diner

Styled like a traditional American diner, Xander’s Diner has a wide variety of foods that can appeal to all sorts of cravings. Looking for a burger, the Derek’s Favourite can sort that out for you. It’s a burger with the traditional lettuce and tomato along with some potato chips and bacon before being slathered up with some of their famous Cheese sauce. For those not in the mood for meat, they have the Captain Nemo - a breaded fish fillet flavoured with a dash of Japanese Chili oil - put together into a sandwich. They also have beer to enjoy a good night with friends especially when you’re out on a binge.

Another story

Another Story

For Another Story, it’s like entering a magician’s shop with a different take on decorations. It’s not the usual rustic or modern but instead reflects the theme of a bar back in the old days. Another Story looks a little more fancy and can be a potential date place in terms of ambiance. One of their best dishes is their Pork Milanese which can be enjoyed with or without the sauce with a serving of either fries of parsley butter rice. They also have Baby Back Ribs to enjoy with their special take on BBQ sauce. All in all, the restaurant gives you another story worth telling when you head home.

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