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Tin Reyes

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"Service was quick, Job was done well And kuya was very friendly and helpful. Highly recommended!"
Joey Zaballero
MB Plumbing and Electrical Services

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"I liked their prompt response despite the job being so close to Christmas. The guy was very thorough and looked at all angles and even though the final problem was a simple blockage, we discussed other ways of improving the plumbing. Very happy with the service. "

What's included in a typical plumbing service?

The total cost & amount of time required by the plumber for repair or installation work depends on the problem & your specific needs. Gawin plumbers will come equipped with tools & materials & will advise if anything else is needed. Here's what you can typically expect from a plumber :

Preliminary Points

  • Plumber takes note of your problem
  • Estimates time needed & contacts suppliers for cost of materials
  • Plumber provides an estimate quote to you for inspection
  • Plumber inspects and troubleshoots the problem
  • You get briefed on the problem and the works that need to be done
  • After understanding the problem fully, a final quotation is given to you


  • Plumber carries out the necessary works
  • A final inspection is carried out to ensure the problem has been fixed
  • In certain cases, the plumber checks other areas to ensure the problem is contained & does not recur


  • Ask your plumber about what exactly he did and how the problem occurred
  • Ask for advice in regards to making sure the problem doesn't happen again
  • If the problem was due to a lack of servicing, ask how often it should be serviced or if there are any things you should do to check and see if you can catch the problem early.

Our skilled plumbers can also repair water heater and fix clogged toilets.