Why your electricity trips!

When a circuit breaker trips and shuts off the electricity it will cause us a tremendous inconvenience as it can leave the whole house in complete darkness and silence which is not great especially when you live alone! That’s why we want to inform you of some reasons why your electricity trips and how to prevent it. 

Faulty electrical appliances

Your electrical appliances tend to wear and not function normally when there is extensive use over a period of time. You will often find your oven, electric kettle or fridge causes of your safety switch to trip when they are internally damaged without you knowing it. To identify which appliances are faulty, you can re-plug each appliance one by one to test if it trips the switch, or if you need more help you can book our Gawin electrician to diagnose your problem. 

Overloaded circuit

Overloaded circuits are the most common reason for electrical tripping. If you have too many appliances or light fixtures operating at the same time, the internal electrical system will sense this and the circuit breaker heats up and trips. Therefore, you should utilise high-power appliances such as a hairdryer or refrigerators on a single plug point to prevent overheating of the circuit. 

Faulty Electrical Wiring

Generally, faulty electrical wiring is common with older homes that have black rubber insulated cables for their electrical system. This is because the insulation around wiring will become unsafe and fragile over time as it is not as durable. The only solution to overcome this issue will be replacing the electrical cables and it needs to be handled by an experienced electrician.

Short Circuit 

A short circuit is the most serious reason for breaker tripping and it is caused by one wire touching another wire, either in the wiring of a home or in an appliance. It can be difficult to diagnose and fix the short circuit, therefore, you may call for the help of a professional electrician.

Rain and lighting 

Long periods of rain and severe weather can cause your electricity to trip. This occurs when excessive water gets in behind electrical items such as outside light fittings. Be sure you hire an electrician to check your electricity periodically to avoid dangerous situations.

Working with electricity can be dangerous if not done properly, that is why we recommend hiring a professional to get it done for you always. Book our trusted electricians to identify and solve your electrical problems, if you suspect that your home wiring is faulty. Our Gawin experts are also able to provide you with other repair services such as plumbing, aircon, lighting and more!