Why your aircon is crying?

Air Conditioners are always keeping us cool and comfortable, but sometimes we might ignore the warning signs of a troubled aircon, even when it is crying, here are a few reasons your aircon is leaking. 

Not cleaning aircon filters regularly

Most people ignore the aircon filters until something significant happens. However, a dirty filter may lead to poor airflow and freeze-up of your aircon unit’s evaporator coil. Once the evaporator coil melts, it will drip an excess amount of water from your aircon. 

Therefore, you should clean your aircon filter at least once every three months to avoid freezing the evaporator coil which can cause water leakages in the aircon. If you need help with aircon cleaning, you can hire our Gawin aircon cleaning experts

Improper aircon installation

If you observe there are some water leakage problems with your new aircon, it is most probably due to an incorrect aircon installation. Aircon installation is actually a complicated process and your aircon still needs to be checked after the initial installation. Generally, the aircon should be installed at a slight downward angle for the water to drip off easily. 

The faulty aircon installation can cause water leakage too! We recommend booking our trusted and professionally trained aircon experts to diagnose and reinstall your aircon to a correct position. 

Low level of refrigerant 

The refrigerant is a chemical used in cooling systems for your aircon. Similar to the dirty aircon filter, when a low refrigerant reduces pressure in your aircon system, the evaporator coil will start freezing, causing water to drip.  In addition to that, once the refrigerant leaks, you will hear hissing or bubbling sounds. The refrigerant leak can put you at risk to high levels of chemicals and cause significant respiratory system damage such as Chronic Bronchitis.

When you hear some strange noises coming out from your aircon, book our Gawin experts to detect and fix your aircon problems as soon as possible to avoid getting sick from your aircon. 

Getting your aircon to proper maintenance will prolong its lifespan. If you need help with aircon repair, our trusted experts will come to you during the lockdown period. You also can book our aircon cleaning service, our experts will get it done for you once the lockdown is lifted. Book now and you also be entitled to a reservice if service is below satisfactory.