Why you should thorough clean your bathroom often?

Your bathroom is guaranteed to be utilised every day and can develop germs, dirt and the grime easily. Here’s the reason why you should deep clean your bathroom often.

Mould makes your bathroom looks dirty

Bathroom mould is an unhealthy problem that should be addressed as soon as you spot it. Mould will grow in the crevices and inside corners, it can become difficult and impossible to be removed if you wait months to clean your bathroom. The solution to helping you battle mould is wiping your bathroom walls with a gentle detergent. If you need professional cleaning experts, book Gawin!

Don’t live with bathroom odours

Bathroom odours are a common source of embarrassment and can also be hazardous to your health! The dried urine can make your bathroom seem filthy, and mildew on your towels will make the bathroom smell terrible too. 

Banish the sticky bathroom floors 

Spraying perfumes and hair spray is able to leave a light residue over counters and other areas in your bathroom. Your bathroom floors might even start feeling sticky and won’t shine as well as before. A quick hack to rid your bathroom of sticky floors is by scrubbing the floors and wiping off surfaces at least once a week to maintain the shiny and clean bathroom.

Get rid of harmful bacteria

According to a study, experts have found that the bathroom faucet handle and showerhead can harbour drug-resistant bacteria like E.coli and these can damage your immune system and respiratory system! Be sure you hire our Gawin cleaning team to assist you to get rid of these harmful bacteria and germs. 

Don’t let your bathroom become a hot-spots for germs, mould and grime. Book our thorough cleaning services now to clean your bathroom. If you need any other cleaning services, Gawin provides home disinfection and other amazing services you’ll love!