Why is your water heater not hot?

Your water heater can eventually become essential once you get used to indulging in warm water especially during the rainy season. That is why we understand your frustration when you’re dealing with a non-functioning water heater but worry not, let us give you some insight as to why this might be happening.

Faulty Dip Tube

Hot water heaters are designated for cold water entering the tank through a dip tube, delivering the cold water to the bottom and ensuring that the hottest water is at the top of the tank. Once the dip tube is broken or disconnected, the cold water will enter the tank at the top and dilutes the hot water immediately. It can cause your water heater to produce cold water instead of hot. 

Hiring a professional to diagnose and address this issue is highly recommended. If you need help, you can opt for our Gawin water heater service

Your Heating Element Is Broken

One of the common reasons for your water heater to not be producing warm water is due to the heating element being broken. Generally, cracks are able to develop in the coils of a heating element. Therefore, once the crack travels through the coil, the flow of electricity will be disrupted and prevent heating. 

In this situation, replacing the entire heating element is the best solution to ensure your water heater can produce hot water normally. It is recommended to hire our Gawin experienced experts to inspect and install a new heating element in your water heater system.

Sediment Buildup In The Tank

If sediment builds up within the water heater tank, it can cause the hot water to not be hot enough. This is because the water that enters your water heater often carries sand, dissolved minerals or other debris. Once there is a buildup of debris this can make your water heater work less efficiently leading to lukewarm water.

The sediment buildup can shorten the lifespan of your water heater if you still neglect it. We recommend booking Gawin Water Heater Repair service and our experts will help to examine and resolve your problem effectively. 

Regular maintenance is vital to ensure that your water heater is functioning properly. You can book Gawin Water Heater Repair service to get your water heater repaired the right way. Book now with promo code FORECAST30 to get 30% OFF, comes with a 30-day workmanship warranty for each unit!