Why is my paint peeling?

Be it a newly renovated space or a wall that has been painted years ago, it is pretty common to spot peeling walls. It might be small flakes, it might also be a big portion of the paint. Walls with peeling paints are a potential hazard for the home as they might fall on and damage your furniture, electronics or even injure your family members. Hence, it is very important to identify the causes of peeling walls and get them fixed.

High humidity and water exposure

wall paint

Humid interiors can create a damp environment and moisture build-up on the walls’ inner surface which leads to the paint being detached and cracked from the wall. Likewise, be sure to pay attention to leaks at home and get them fixed before putting on a new coat of paint as penetration or direct exposure of water can be absorbed into the inner surface, leading to the peeling of paint. 

Weak surface preparation

Insufficient and incorrect pre-painting surface preparation causes uneven surfaces. Applying paint on unprimed walls can block paint to properly attach to the surface. Dirty surfaces prevent paint to stick on the surfaces too. Therefore, be sure to remove all dirt, grease or even dust before working on your painting task!

Thick layers of paint

Too much of anything is not good! Too many layers of paint on a surface causes the coat of paint to be too heavy and will eventually peel and fall off. Hence, it is crucial to scrape off old paint layers prior to painting on a new coat. 

Now that you know the common causes of peeling paint, how about getting it sorted with the help of our trusted professionals. Get connected with our professional painting contractors to have a fuss-free painting job for your home!