Why is disinfecting your office and home so important?

Cleanliness and hygiene have always been essential, but in light of the COVID-19 pandemic that is currently happening, it is more important than ever to keep your home and office disinfected and free from harmful bacteria and viruses. Here are the reasons why it is important.

Germs and viruses are everywhere 

Currently, you are required to do your daily activity like working and studying at home, but are you aware that the items that you often touch at home can have germs and viruses? The study says that the current coronavirus can last up to 5 days. That’s why regular cleaning is never enough to kill harmful viruses.

Same as the office, even though you have left the office for a long time, but there are still thousands or more viruses and germs that stay inside. The keyboard is one of the office tools that you touch often, it has over 9000 germs per square inch where normal cleaning is never enough. Disinfect your office to ensure that the office is safe from viruses and germs. Book our disinfection services for your home where you can kill 99.9% viruses and germs.

Places you sit and lay are not safe!

Fabric-based items can be easily found at home and in the office. Work chairs or sofas, for example, both of these items can be home to thousands of viruses and germs that can cause allergies if left untouched. In addition to the cleaning and precautions steps from the virus, you can book a sofa cleaning and mattress cleaning service to clean both items thoroughly.

Germs and viruses are hard to eliminate

Germs are microorganisms that are hard to kill. Study says that even in very cold temperatures, germs can’t be killed. They are also able to move easily from one place to another through your hands and can cause poisoning or affect your digestion. Therefore, by disinfecting your home and office, you can eliminate 99.9% of germs.

Provide a germ-free environment for your family and employees, especially during this global pandemic outbreak. We are committed to helping you stay safe at home and get your business back on track by lending you a hand during the lockdown, book our essential services like disinfection and repairs now so you can stay organized and worry-free from any germs and viruses.