Why grocery delivery will be your favourite new norm?

Living in the midst of COVID has certainly shifted lives across the globe to what people are calling now the new norm, such as the frequent use of hand sanitizer and wearing masks outdoors. Another new norm we are facing is having goods delivered to your home without the hassle or risk of leaving your home. Here are a few reasons why grocery delivery will be your favourite new norm. 

From store to doorstep

With delivery services, you can purchase any goods at a fingertip and avoid the hassle of carrying your purchased groceries by yourself. Our riders will deliver your orders to your doorstep within the given time.

Grocery delivery not only provides you with a hassle-free experience, but it also keeps you safer during this Coronavirus outbreak as you may stay indoors and wait patiently for your orders. Book our Pasabuy Groceries service now and let our riders restock your groceries needs!

Saves your time!

Buying groceries in the market can take up a chunk of your time, from getting a parking spot, wandering about and getting distracted with goodies on different aisles. It’s never as short as you may expect. Buying groceries online, however, saves you time and you are less tempted to roam away from your actual intentions. Plus you can use your precious time doing something more productive or meaningful when you order Pasabuy Grocery

You can have a wide range of options

Due to the space constraints, there are only limited numbers of goods available in the physical store. Therefore, if you don’t get the items you want, you might need to visit another shop which could be a frustrating and time-consuming affair. 

While with online shopping, you can have a variety of options and access to a few markets to find the one that suits your essential needs. We recommend booking from our Pasabuy Groceries to avoid making multiple trips to the grocery store.

Grocery delivery is something that is convenient and time-saving that you can look forward to no matter the day in this new norm culture. Gawin Pasabuy Grocery service is collaborating with SM Sta.Mesa, SM San Lazaro and SM Manila to bring the goods to you, book Pasabuy Grocery service now