Where to register for the Covid-19 vaccine?

What does the vaccine do? 

The Covid-19 vaccinations offer a way to overcome this pandemic and restore society back to its norm. Several studies have been conducted on the vaccine and results show that it is effective in reducing the side effects of the virus and even preventing infections altogether.  

Why is it important to get vaccinated? 

When people get vaccinated, they become more immune to the virus. As more people become immune to the virus, it builds herd immunity in the community and helps protect the entire population from this deadly virus. However, in order to fight against a disease that is this contagious, about 70% to 90% of the entire population needs to be immune. So, by getting vaccinated, you are protecting yourself and subsequently you are protecting your loved ones too. 

Where do I register for the vaccination? 

Your local governments have launched online registration platforms to ensure a smooth rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine. We have listed below the links to online registration. Click the link based on your location and fill in the forms accordingly. Alternatively, visit the Department of Health website, select your location and it will redirect you the respective online registration. 


Registration Links: 

Manila – http://manilacovid19vaccine.com 

Makati –http://manilacovid19vaccine.com 

Malabon – Google Form 

Las Piñas – Google Form

Muntinlupa – https://vaccine.muntinlupacity.gov.ph/muncovac/

Navotos  – https://covax.navotas.gov.ph/ 

Parañaque – https://m.oneparanaque.info/

San Juan – 

Valenzuela – https://valtrace.appcase.net/Register/Login?vaccine=true

Mandaluyong – https://mandavax.egapsonline.com/Mandaluyong/manda-vaccine/

Pasig – PasigPass App

Taguig – https://traceportal.taguig.gov.ph/taguig-login 

Quezon – https://qceservices.quezoncity.gov.ph/ 

Caloocan – Google Form


Here are the vaccines that are available:

For more in depth information about the vaccine click on the individual vaccine.   

                Source: Department of Health


For more information about vaccines click here

Get vaccinated and stay safe!