What your pipes are trying to tell you!

Often, an unusual noise coming from your home’s pipes is your first indication that something is wrong. There are 5 common types of noises coming from your pipes that you should pay attention to.


Generally, banging noises in the pipes will be due to water flow or water pressure. One of the common causes is trapped air bubbles. For example, if banging noise is caused by air in the pipes, this noise will probably occur once you turn on a faucet. However, this issue still can happen for several reasons, you may need a professional to diagnose the problem.


Once your pipes have difficulty draining, they may protest with a gurgling noise. This noise normally indicates the presence of the obstruction in the pipes. These obstructions consist of debris built-up soap scum or other items. Make sure you clear these obstructions regularly so you won’t notice this gurgling noise from your pipes.


Mostly, the pipes are likely hidden and travel behind walls, floors or ceilings. Be sure your pipes that hang suspended have been securely fastened. Otherwise, you will hear a rattling sound when water moves through the section of pipe if the fastener becomes loose or falls away. So get yourself a professional to secure your pipe if you’re facing this issue.


The plumbing system relies on many small components to make the faucets work properly. When a small component wears out, you will notice whistling or squealing when that section of pipes is used. Be sure you get a professional to check all of the components are working properly.


Your pipes will vibrate when your water pressure is too high for the system’s capacity. This vibration will result in a humming noise, especially when the water is running. Overly high water pressure may occur in any home, make sure you have accessed the reading of your water pressure and checked properly. If you’re unable to check it, you may hire a professional to test the pressure and make an adjustment for your pipes.

These loud pipes require the diagnosis and treatment of a plumbing professional. If you need plumbing repair service or other home essential services during the lockdown, book on Gawin and we will provide you with top quality service.