What Your Home Design Choices Say About You

When it comes to designing your home, there’s no such thing as one size fits all. We all have our little quirks and different personalities and often times these also come through in the way we choose how to design our living spaces – but we’ve identified a few trends that seem to occur with most people. If you’re curious about what your home design preferences say about you, read on!

The entertainer


If you’re the type to like hosting parties, dinners or get-togethers, you might want a home design that lets you do just that. Entertainers are usually fun, outgoing, and very friendly. They tend to choose energetic and welcoming home design pieces as well. Entertainer’s homes usually have huge open spaces where people can mingle, a lot of tables and counter tops for people to hang around (or for food and drinks to be served). Not to mention, how they’ll probably set up for great seating and an entertainment center complete with TV, CD/DVD players, speakers and even perhaps a gaming console or karaoke.

The introvert

Bed Unmade Messy Bedroom Pillows White Copyspace Relax Morning Concept


This person treats the home as a sanctuary – their reprise from the outside world. They love to spend time alone, is usually independent and love to make their space genuinely their own. Typically, introverts like to protect their privacy, so designing spaces to do this would be ideal – like having heavy sliding doors. Introverts also typically get cozy furniture items, like plushies, comfortable chairs for reading, soft rugs, and bean bag chairs. They also usually have some corners turned into nooks for their hobbies – whether it be reading, building new things, drawing, or what have you.

The chef


This person need not be a professional cook – they just have to love the craft. They typically like coming up with new dishes, or tweaking recipes, and basically giving people a good time through good, hearty meals. As such, their homes are usually characterized by elaborate kitchens and dining areas – you can see kitchens with a lot of features like cabinets, large sinks, multiple counter tops, stoves, and ovens. Their kitchen areas are typically organized as well, and there’s a lot of space to relax and dine.

The chic, innovator type

Copy of melbourne_apartment_sliding_doors_bedroom-rec

Chic, innovator types love high-tech, high-end fashion, and they usually love being the first to spot a trend, especially in technology. They’re the first to install technologically advanced home improvements, like an electric fire place, an electric stove, or state-of-the-art entertainment systems. If this sounds like you and you want to make your home a little bit more modern, try using a lot of modern textures like leather or steel. Dark hues are typically what accentuate this home, so you can use dark wood or neutral designs with white space (tiles, walls, etc) accentuated by black furnishing.

The traditional

3d render of bedroom with bed, frame and lamps

This type loves everything classic and vintage, and typically prefer the nostalgic type of home design. This type prefers home design that’s along the lines of what traditionally looks “homey,” and is reminiscent of the quiet countryside. Homes of these types typically have a lot of wood furniture – even flooring is typically wood – and a lot of traditional furnishings from Victorian chairs to wooden china cabinets.

The artist

Renovated old and spacious apartment with beautiful Scandi contemporary styling

The artist is the type to surround him or herself with a lot of art pieces, from sculptures to paintings to sketches. However, they don’t just surround themselves with artwork that you normally see hung on walls, only meant to add color or action to a room. They surround themselves with art that’s more abstract and quirky, and they prefer expressing their own aesthetic over being functional – so you can expect a lot of art pieces lying around their home, and odd furniture like asymmetrical mirrors or lighting.

If you feel like you’re one – or more – of these types and want to transform your home into a design that speaks of your personality, go right ahead! After all, this is where you spend most of your time – so might as well transform it into something that’s completely yours. If you need a hand you can rely on our trusted Home Improvement service providers, or our Interior Designers too.

written by Bea Luna