What your appliances are saying to you?

Having one of your major home appliances suddenly break down is never fun, especially during this crucial period. Here below are the warning signs of your home appliances are saying to you:


When your aircon system is operating normally, it should make minimal noise. Overly noisy could indicate something is wrong with your aircon. For example, if you hear high-pitched screaming or whistling noises, it typically means there’s a refrigerant leak somewhere in your aircon system. The function of refrigerants is to absorb heat from the inside of your home and move it outside, however, a refrigerant leak could threaten your family’s health! Therefore, you should hire a professional to resolve and handle this issue to ensure your safety.


Besides aircon, pay attention to the suspicious noises coming from your pipes too. If your plumbing and water system at home suddenly make gurgling noises, you should hire a professional plumber to check and fix your pipes immediately since it could be a sign of clogging. Pipes issues can also lead to mould growth, which can lower your indoor air quality and cause coughing, skin allergies, asthma and even lung damage!

Electricity Wiring

Most of the warning signs of faulty electrical wiring are silent. However, if the wiring in your electrical system is heating up enough to melt its plastic sheathing, you’re facing an urgent risk of fire! This issue can be dangerous to human health, especially if you have children or elder parents at home. Therefore, it is better to find our Gawin expert for electricity repair to do maintenance and repair for your home electricity periodically.

These signs could damage your health and safety if you don’t take proper action to resolve it. If you need any repair and other home essentials services during the lockdown period, book us now and our Gawin professionals will come to you.