What To Expect During A Renovation

Having a renovation done is a very big decision as it can be costly, time-consuming and stressful. Planning before the renovation begins is very crucial, not only financial plans need to be made but also a schedule to estimate the date of completion. 

Not everything can be planned for, there will always be some uncalled for dilemmas that will appear out of the blue. With that said, here are five things you should expect during a renovation.

  1. Delays

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    It is very normal to be anxious and excited to see the end results of a renovation. After all, the renovation does take some time to complete. The excitement from the renovation is making you eager to see the results as soon as possible.

    Do keep in mind that there will possibly be a few minor setbacks from the stated date of completion. Schedules are set and followed but we can never plan for accidents and turn of events to occur unexpectedly. 

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  2. Noise

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    Don’t you wish you had earplugs in? The never-ending noise of machines running, hammers clanking, saws whining will accompany you the whole way through the renovation process. 

    There is really nothing much you can do to make the noise go away, the best you can do is to bear the chaotic noises and carry on. If you are working from home, it is advised to temporarily take your home office somewhere else as your home will not be a very conducive workplace for you. 

  3. Dust

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    During a renovation, a lot of moving and construction will be happening around the house. At this point of time, more dust will be produced from all the construction, the air quality in the house will be at unhealthy levels due to the number of dust particles in the air. 

    We recommend you to try your best and avoid staying around the house as much as possible, especially when constructions involving sawing are ongoing. If by any chance you are home during the construction, it is best to have a mask on to filter out the dust particles in the air.

    After the renovation is completed you should have a deep cleaning done in order to get rid of all the remaining dust around the house. You wouldn’t want to have all the dust left from the renovation. Since you are already tired from the renovation hassle, sit back, relax and hire our professional post renovation cleaners.


  4. Unpredictable Changes

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There are many decisions needed to be made during a renovation, like choosing which tiles to be bought for which part of the house. You will already have these things sorted out before the renovation begins, but along the way, there will be a change of plans, when things don’t go as expected or when pre planning goes out the window.  

Unpredictable changes can be minimised with thorough planning and good contractors that can help assist you along the way. 

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Renovation can be a very daunting process especially if it’s your first time. Hence, having trusted and reliable contractors are essential to keep your stress levels from skyrocketing. 

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