What First-Time Visitors Notice In Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is your special haven. And unlike the other rooms in the house, your bedroom is the one that bares a bit of your soul. It’s the place where you can be who you are without anybody judging you. But when you have visitors over, eyes tend to wonder and there are some things that people immediately notice while in your room. Here are the first few things that catches the attention of your visitors while inside your bedroom.

Colors In Your Bedroom

colors of the bedroom Photo credit: hgtv.com

Most people comment on the walls of your room because its color somehow reflects the kind of person you are. Red-shade walls are often an indication of passion and determination – a bold color that reflects that you’re the go-getter kind of person. But that doesn’t mean all shades of red are interpreted the same way. A lighter red shade has a more elegant touch and often connotes gentleness.

Bed Sheet and Pillow Designs

bed sheet and pillow case designsPhoto credit: imshopping.rediff.com

Next to the walls, your bed sheet and pillow designs are one of the first things that people notice. The designs on the bed sheet can tell a lot of a person. A plain colored design suggests that you’re more of a practical person who prefers to focus on one thing at a time. Sea shell designs on your bed covers could mean that you’re more into beach adventures and love the coolness of the sea. The blue color can also indicate that you’re more of a cool and calm person, often times going with the flow. 

Photos and Memorabilia

pictures inside the bedroom Photo credit: pinterest.com

In most bedrooms, we hang in or put pictures on the table. Whether they’re pictures of your favorite artist, family portraits or some of your artworks, chances are, these photos serve as inspiration to you. Displaying such photos reveals your interests, likes and the kind of person you are. If you have lots of pictures with your friends at different places, visitors can have the impression that you’re an outgoing person and often times like hanging out. Meanwhile, pictures of wonderful sceneries show that you appear to be a more reflective person, in contrast to the gregarious type. 

Your Collection

book collection in the bedroom Photo credit: pinterest.com

Different people have different collections depending on their preferences. For those who are the geeky type, one is bound to see either a comic book collection or model kit collections. The fashionista type may have three hangers with jewellery holders. For those who are history bugs and are the type to go around the world, one would probably spot several pieces of souvenirs or ancient artefacts that they’ve taken pictures of. And if you’re the type who is extremely meticulous about your collection, it’s best either to keep it in a glass case or keep it in a place where no one would look.

How Your Things Are Arranged

pink bedroom Photo credit: weknowyourdreams.com

Of course, upon entering your room, your visitors will notice how your room is arranged, or how you keep things in order. Mostly, the items you placed near your bed are your top essentials. Likewise, the room’s ambience can also suggest your positive outlook and how welcoming you are to guests who wander inside.

The four corners of your bedroom reveal your inner personality, likes and dislikes, as well as the things that matter to you most. So if you’re gonna invite guests over, it’s probably best to keep things neat and in order. You wouldn’t want to give a first bad impression. And, for things that you’re not comfortable to show to them, better keep them away from prying eyes.

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written by Katherine Gohu