Ways to set up an effective home office

The Covid pandemic has forced an unplanned requirement for many of us to work from home. As we see the pandemic reduce in certain countries, many employers are discovering that there is no need for large offices and employees are realising that there is no need to be in an office everyday. Working from home is slowly becoming the new norm. However, as most of us were suddenly forced to work from home, many of us have only set up makeshift home offices that won’t work long term. So, we have created a list of essential upgrades to make your home office space more comfortable for the long haul. 

Picking the right spot

Our brain mentally associates certain places with the activity that we most commonly performed in the area. Therefore, it is important to pick a separate spot in your home where you will be most productive. If you live in a large house, your choices are ample but if you live in a small place, your choices will be quite limited. Either way, you want to choose a spot that has the least possible distractions. Pick a spot away from your TV, gaming consoles and all those snacks.  A definite place to avoid is on your bed. The mental association of your bed being a place of rest and a place to be productive will become blurred. This will either make it hard to stay focused during working hours or make it hard to fall asleep at night. 


Since we are away from  our colleagues, get a little botanical buddy for your work desk to keep you company while you work. Not only does it add a pop of colour to your desk but plants bring many other advantages as well. Several studies have shown plants can help reduce stress and increase productivity. Having a plant on your desk will also help encourage you to keep your space clutter free.  


Lighting has a huge effect on our mood with research showing that adequate lighting helps improve mood and energy levels. Therefore, it is important to have proper lighting in our work space. It is ideal to have natural lighting as well as a more focused lighting but we know not everyone has the luxury of natural lighting. Picking the colour of your light is also important as evidence shows that colour can affect decision making. Warmer lighting has been said to enhance creativity while cooler lighting has been shown to increase concentration. 


If you believe in aromatherapy, you know that certain smells excites certain feelings. Lavender makes you feel calm while citrus makes you feel energised. Depending on your needs for the day, you can light different scented candles or place a few drops of scented essential oil in a cup of hot water. If you don’t believe in aromatherapy, the pleasant smell will still be a great  addition to your workspace. 

These upgrades may seem small but these little adjustments to your work space can have a huge effect on your comfort and productivity. Give it a try!!