Ways to make your room look brighter

Lighting is the key to almost every interior design style. Finding the perfect level of lighting can be challenging and fun at the same time. While a major renovation like knocking down a wall may not be an option for many people, a few smaller changes around your space can help. Here are some tips and tricks that you can try out to help brighten up your space. 

Place mirrors near a light source 

A mirror can help make your space look brighter by expanding its visual space. Make sure you use the mirror to its fullest potential by strategically placing it near a light source. Whether it be a natural or artificial light source, the mirror will help to reflect the light around your space. So, it is best to place your mirror near a window or next to a table or floor lamp. 

Fairy lights, candles and other ambient light sources 

If you just want to add a touch of light to your space without over luminiting the room, opt for smaller sources of light. Decorate your space with some fairy lights, candles, or other ambient light. Not only will this give you just the right amount of light but it will also create an intimate atmosphere. Make sure you opt for warmer yellow lights instead of those bright white lights. 

Pick lighter colour or transparent furniture

How you furnish your space will drastically impact the lighting level in your home. If you have a small dim space, a large black sofa is probably not the greatest choice. A beige, stylish and compact sofa would be a much better choice and will make your space feel and look a lot bigger. 

Embrace the white walls

The ultimate solution to brighten a dark room is white walls as light reflects better off bright walls. So, the more white walls there are in your space, the more light will travel around your space. If this feels a little boring, you can add texture or decorate the walls with some pictures. However, choose your picture carefully and  don’t over do it. 

If these tips and tricks are inspiring you to make some changes to your space, get in contact with one of our home improvement specialists.