Check Out Victoria Belo’s PHP 80 Million Wedding in Paris!

hayden and victoria belo wedding in palais garnier
Photo credit: @marchenrichgo

The grand wedding of Philippines’ celebrity doctors has been dubbed as the wedding of the year. Victoria Belo and Hayden Kho tied the knot in Paris on Saturday, September 2 2017, a memorable event that cost a whopping amount of PHP 80 million.

Let’s take a moment of silence to let that sink in for a bit.

Some of you might be thinking, “You could buy 10 houses with that! Or fund about 160 average weddings in the Philippines!”

A wedding like this deserves international recognition. So, let’s dive into the details:

1. Wedding venues

Wedding of Victoria Belo and Hayden Kho in American church, paris
Photo credit: @michael5inco

The ceremony took place in the sanctuary of the American Church in Paris, a beautiful structure inspired by 15th-century Gothic architecture. The couple generously donated PHP 83,000 to their church ceremony.

Victoria Belo and Hayden Kho at their wedding in Paris
Photo credit: @victoria_belo

In the evening, everyone adjourned to the famous Paris opera theater, the Palais Garnier, where impeccable Gothic chandeliers illuminated the opulent and majestic interior of the hall. The five-course meal at the reception was reported to cost at least PHP 16,000 per head for all 250 guests.

victoria belo wedding in opera garnier
Photo credit: @joelserrato

2. Wedding Dresses

victoria belo wedding dress by michael cinco
Photo credit: michael5inco

As far as wedding dresses go, Vicki Belo had four stunning, bespoke gowns carefully tailored by renowned Filipino designer, Michael Cinco for PHP 8 million.

Michael, who is currently based in Dubai, told Instagram that the “3-meter long train blush wedding gown of the very beautiful bride is made of French lace and tulle with full silk embroidery on top in baroque patterns with sequins, pearls and transparent and Rose Opal Swarovski crystals. And it took 1000 hours to finish with 50 skilled artisans.”

That was just one dress. She had three more gowns.

3. Wedding photography & videography

victoria belo and hayden kho wedding
Photo credit: @victoria_belo

Victoria and Hayden made a good call by hiring a highly professional team of photographers and videographers for their big day. One of their photographers was Joel Serrato, who is one of the best international wedding photographers out there. You might recognize him as the husband of celebrity film photographer Jose Villa. They also hired a UK-based production house for their wedding video, which features Victoria twirling in her husband’s arms as they dance on the steps of the lavish Opera House. Watch their first dance here.

4. Wedding decor

victoria belo wedding in paris
Photo credit: @robblancaflor

Having an experienced wedding planner really helps, especially with a wedding of this magnitude! Wedding planner Javi Martinez helped ensure that everything ran smoothly, while the florist, Robert Blanca, dressed the tables in the best available white blooms such as hydrangeas, ecuador, spray roses, freesias, zantedeschias, tulips and peonies. All of these gorgeous flowers were flown in from Amsterdam.

5. Wedding Suite

Photo credit: Ritz Paris

The Coco Chanel suite at the five-star Ritz Hotel in Paris became home to Victoria, Hayden and their adorable two-year-old daughter, Scarlet Snow for a week. We’re in love with the minimalistic yet elegant aesthetics of the room, with its cream, black and gold accents.

The rent for the suite cost a total of PHP 1.35 million per night.

According to, the cost breakdown of the wedding is as such:

Among these are the P1.7-million first-class flight of Belo, Kho and their daughter Scarlet Snow to Paris; the P83,000 “donation” to their ceremony church; the two-day rent for the Palais Garnier’s Grand Foyer at P11.6 million; Belo’s one-week stay at the Ritz hotel’s Coco Chanel suite at P1.35 million per night; the bridal gowns by Michael Cinco at P8 million; the rented chauffeur-driven luxury cars for wedding guests at P1.76 million for 48 hours; and the five-course meal at the reception starting at P16,000 per head for 250 guests.

There are still other factors that haven’t been thrown in, such as Vicki’s hair and makeup cost, her floral bouquet, the stilettos, her husband’s tuxedo, their daughter’s designer dress, and many more.


Well, if you can’t afford an expensive wedding like Vicki Belo’s, don’t be disappointed. You can still organize a memorable one within your budget without compromising on the quality of your decor, makeup, photography, and experience. The key to a great wedding is vested in the skilled hands of true professionals. Hire professional wedding videographers, makeup artists, caterers and more at!

written by Carissa Gan