12 Unique Wedding Cakes That Deserve The Spotlight

Did you remember the wedding cake at the last wedding you attended? No? Then it probably didn’t strike a lasting impression.

Now these confectionaries that you’re about to see are unlike any other wedding cake you’ve ever laid your eyes on. From the magnificent Cake Of Thrones to the museum-worthy Contemporary Creation, these cakes are your wildest dreams come true.

1. Cake Of Thrones

cake of thrones - cake mamas
Photo credit: Cake Mamas

If you bonded over Game Of Thrones, the Cake Of Thrones should be at your wedding. We’re digging the intricate artistry of this masterpiece.

2. Marbled Elegance

marble elegance - wedluxe
Photo credit: wedluxe.com

This cake is a genuine work of art! Shades of green wrap around the front of the cake, which is gently splattered with gold and garnished with pretty white flowers.

3. Contemporary Creation

contemporary cake
Photo credit: Olofson Design

Fans of Picasso will appreciate this contemporary design, constructed with gold accents and stunning geometry. Love is an abstract work of art after all, isn’t it?

4. Towering Teacups

teacup cake - elizabeths cake emporiumPhoto credit: Elizabeths Cake Emporium

Teatime is a reminder of the times that you and your beloved spent together catching up over a nice cup of tea. The pink camellia carefully crafted from rich icing sugar on top of the cake is a quiet reflection of the love that has blossomed between you and your fiance.

5. Diary Of Love

fruitlayer wedding cake - blossomsweet
Photo credit: Elegant Wedding

Remember the long letters or text messages you used to exchange with each other? Nothing spells your romance more clearly than a wordy cake, designed like a secret diary that contains all the quirky little details of your relationship.

6. Floral & Fruity

fruitlayer wedding cake - blossomsweet
Photo credit: The Bungalow

Keep it fun and fruity with vivid-colored fruits and flowers – just like the vibrant, exciting soul that you are! This one’s going to be a hit among your guests.

7. Seaside Serenade

beach wedding cake - mariages.netPhoto credit: mariages.net

This cake brings back memories of all the wonderful sunsets you watched together in Boracay. Close your eyes and recall how the waves tickled your toes as you walked through the beach barefoot. The silver and white chocolate beads lining the cake glisten like the pearls hidden in the oysters and clams at the sandy beaches below the cool glistening waters. For a beach themed wedding, this cake is perfect for you.

8. Whimsical Wonderland

whimsical wedding cake - sweet traders
Photo credit: Sweet Traders

Alice called from Wonderland. She wants her cake back. This timeless piece is going to be perfect for your garden-themed wedding party!

9. Gold & Ombre

artisan cake company
Photo credit: Artisan Cake Company

Nothing exudes elegance and fashion like this embellished ombre cake. The golden embroidery and striking turquoise hues are sure to make your guests’ jaws drop.

10. Rich Ruffles

sugar ruffles cake - stylemeprettyPhoto credit: stylemepretty.com

Doesn’t this cake remind you of a pretty wedding gown? It’s the way the cream ruffles run along the tiers and the charming placement of flowers that make this cake a classic masterpiece.

11. Cherry Blossom Beauty

cherry blossom cake
Photo credit: cakesdecor.com

When walking through the cobblestone streets of Japan, one of the most beautiful sights is the Cherry Blossom Festival. Cherry Blossoms are simple and elegant with their beauty never fleeting even when the winds have pushed them from the branches. Each flower is made from confectioner’s sugar and are carved with all the intricate designs of a cherry blossom flower.

12. Mad About Macaroons

macaron wedding cakePhoto credit: Shutter Spot Photography

For those who aren’t in for the traditional wedding cake, nobody said that macaroons can’t be used as a sweet alternative for a wedding feature. Throw in some lovely flowers for a sprightly touch.

When it comes to cake designs, we say, “To each their own.” But the most important thing is that the cake is there to enhance and help you enjoy your wedding and reception. It’s a bonus if it reflects the ceremony and the love between you and your partner.

But if you’re really having a hard time figuring out how to design, don’t worry about it. People get jitters all the time when it comes to finding a perfect cake. Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration that deserves the best, so never settle for anything less. Connect with our talented bakers on Gawin.ph and they’ll help you customize the prettiest, most delicious cake you’ve ever had! Choose from a variety of flavors, share your inspirations and ideas, and pretty soon you’ll have the cake of your dreams. Now tell us, which of the featured cakes above are your favorites? 

written by Katherine Gohu & Carissa Gan