Top Cleaning Vendors You Want to Book!

Finding it hard to choose the right vendor for your house cleaning service? It is understandable that one will be spoilt for choice when there are over 500 vendors on the vendor directory. Don’t worry, here are our top cleaning vendors to consider when booking a home cleaning service.


1. Iroiro Cleaning Services


Iroiro Cleaning Services is one of our newer vendors who joined in July 2019. Despite the fact that they are new, they have already completed 168 and has a rating of 4.6 stars!


Iroiro Cleaning Services provides house cleaning, office cleaning, thorough cleaning and upholstery cleaning. Their team of cleaners are reliable and trained so they certainly will get the job done for you. 


2. G. Infante Cleaning and General Services


Another vendor you can go to for house cleaning services is G. Infante Cleaning and General Services. They cover a wide variety of cleaning services such as house cleaning, deep cleaning and office cleaning. They also provide handyman services, painting and carpentry too.

G. Infante Cleaning and General Services has completed 505 jobs and has an average rating of 4.4 stars! If you need any sort of cleaning services, don’t hesitate to reach out to them and book their cleaning services. 


3. Perfectly Maid Service


Having trusted and professional cleaners to get the job done is made easier with this selection of vendors. Perfectly Maid Service is one of the vendors we recommend for house cleaning in areas within Cainta and nearby areas of Rizal.

Perfectly Maid Service has completed a total number of 55 jobs and has a 4.8-star rating! If you need cleaning services like house cleaning, office/commercial cleaning, thorough cleaning or office cleaning, they are perfect for you!


4. SafeZone PRO Cleaning Services


SafeZone PRO Cleaning Services is one of our newest vendor who just joined us in August and has a 5.0-star rating! At SafeZone PRO Cleaning Services, their aim is to bridge the gap between underprivileged and privileged communities to create jobs and provide quality and caring outsourced services.


“Together thru our platform community and business creating a meaningful and impactful partnership with each other, because everyone deserves a SAFEZONE.” If you’re looking for house cleaning, laundry services, upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning, do check them out.


5. CleanOnPh House Cleaning Services


Sit back, relax and letCleanOnPh House Cleaning Services clean to your satisfaction. CleanOnPh House Cleaning Services joined us at the beginning of the year and has since continued to provide cleaning services with a 5.0-star rating!

CleanOnPh House Cleaning Services provides many cleaning services such as house cleaning, thorough cleaning, office cleaning and curtain cleaning. Do check them out especially if you have dusty curtains at home!

Now that we have given you the recommendations, it’s time for you to make a decision and enjoy high-quality cleaning services by our top cleaning vendors.