Top 5 Affordable Vacation Spots For Newlyweds

Most of us dream to have a momentous wedding and this special occasion usually takes a toll on anyone’s budget. But after the church bells stop ringing, the exciting part comes – the honeymoon! Though we’d all love a romantic getaway in Paris or in Italy, it’s not exactly the wisest financial decision to make in your first few weeks as newlyweds. But don’t fret – a romantic vacation for you and your beau is still under way with these affordable travel destinations.


Tagaytay Vacation Spot Photo credit:

With the city’s scenic views of the Taal Lake, hearty bowls of fresh Bulalo, and a cool climate, Tagaytay is one of the most ideal budget travel destinations for newlyweds. You can stay in and cuddle up in one of the many B&B’s here, or enjoy a warm cup of coffee with the picturesque Taal in the background. There are also spa resorts where you and your beau can relax and rejuvenate.


Vigan Vacation Spot Photo credit:

Way up north is Vigan – filled with cobblestone roads and remnants of architecture from the Spanish era. With its vintage decor, Vigan makes you feel like you’re right in the heart of romantic Europe – without having to spend as much for it. Here, you can take a stroll down its lamp-lit streets to enjoy a night of long talks and cool breeze, or go on a historical tour and antiques store-hopping during the day. Laoag, Pagudpud, and Paoay are some nearby places that are also must-see destinations.

George Town, Malaysia

George Town Malaysia Vacation Spot Photo credit:

Colorful George Town in Malaysia is definitely a bang-for-your-buck destination. In addition to being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the accommodations and food here don’t hurt your pocket at all. You can go for a lovely walk along George Town’s streets and explore the charming temples and vibrant street art of the city. Cap your tour off with the smorgasbord of Asian cuisines the city has to offer – from restaurants to street food stalls, you can get your little slice of Chinese, Indian and Malay food wherever you go.


cambodia vacation spot Photo credit:

The song Holiday in Cambodia wasn’t written for nothing – a holiday in Cambodia makes for quite an adventurous honeymoon. You can visit the famous Angkor Wat, another UNESCO Heritage Site, filled with remnants of their Khmer culture in the form of architecture. Going around shouldn’t be a problem either – their famous Tuktuk’s are pretty cheap, and so are the accommodations. For some exciting experience, try their street food – you’ll have your first taste of fried bugs!


Camiguin Vacation Spot      Photo credit:

Boracay isn’t only the place with white sand around here. Camiguin is still quite the gem, with its pristine beaches waiting to pamper you and your new spouse. The place isn’t that crowded yet so if you want a quiet getaway with a serene view, Camiguin is an ideal place for you. Plunge into an underwater adventure and discover the island’s treats for you.

A romantic vacation doesn’t have to make you spend beyond your budget. You can find cheap flights all around and cheap accommodations too. Nonetheless, crafting the perfect honeymoon is understandably a little difficult especially when you don’t know what to expect in a certain destination. If you need assistance, Gawin has Travel and Tours specialists ready to help you plan your vacation easily. All you need to do is to submit a request and we’ll connect you to the right guys in a jiffy!

written by Bea Luna