Tips to Make Your Makeup Last Longer in Humid Weather

The Philippines boasts of cultural diversity, beautiful rainforests, scenic beaches, and best of all- food! But humidity is what the Philippines is truly notorious for. Unfortunately, instead of crisp, dry air, we are stuck with sticky, hot air that leads to plenty of potential for a makeup meltdown. Fret not, here are some ways we can get our makeup to last longer and not slide off our faces.

Prime, prime, prime

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A good primer doesn’t only help your makeup adhere better to your skin, but it also creates a barrier between your skin and makeup. With this barrier, it helps your skin’s natural oils to not seep through and break your foundation apart. Try keeping illuminating primers at bay, and instead try a mineral or silicon based primer.

Powdered based products

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Yes, liquid foundation does have better coverage, but what it truly lacks is the ability to absorb your sebum that accumulates throughout the day- in which its powdered counterpart truly shines bright. Powdered based makeup products are essential to keep the nasty oils at bay, so your makeup stays put a little longer. If using powdered foundation on your entire face isn’t up your alley, try using it on areas that tend to get a little oilier.

Blotting paper

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Blotting paper is your best friend, and you should keep a pack in every bag you own. When you feel your face getting a little greasy, take one of these puppies and mop away the dreadful T-zone shine. By controlling the excess oil on your face, it helps to prevent your skin’s natural oils from breaking apart your makeup.

Setting Spray

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The last and most important step in everyone’s makeup routine. There are many types of setting sprays available in the market, from ones with climate to oil control- and it choosing a suitable setting spray largely depends on your skin type. Setting sprays helps to set the makeup, then creates a barrier from the elements to keep your makeup looking fresh for longer periods.

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, not everyone has the time to sit down and think about the different components that come together for makeup longevity. Fortunately, has an arsenal of professional makeup artists who are waiting to help you with that!

written by Sereena Low