Simple tips to care for your home plumbing system

Having clean water is essential for our livelihood. Regularly maintaining your house’s plumbing system is essential to ensure clean water flows in while waste is flushed out of the home effectively. Oftentimes, many homeowners neglect the care for their home plumbing system until problems arise such as having a leaking pipe or low water pressure. Here are some small actions that seem insignificant but can care for your plumbing system in the long run. 

  1. In the kitchen – Use a drain cover

Kitchen sinks are most prone to clogging as there is the possibility of debris or food waste washed down the sink either carelessly or purposely. A simple action of using a drain cover can block off any food waste down the sink. It is important to not use the kitchen sink as a food waste disposal and dispose of them properly instead, as food waste that is clogged can possibly decay within and emit an awful smell, which is another problem to avoid. Furthermore, never wash down grease such as fat and butter or used-cooking oil down the drain as they can coagulate in the pipe, consequently ruining the plumbing system. 

  1. In the bathroom – Not everything can be flushed down

Always ensure that you are not flushing anything else down the toilet pipes aside from human waste and toilet paper. Products such as wet wipes or tampons tend to advertise as flushable items but it is safer not to do so. Moreover, there are many chemical products in the market that claim to remove clogs. However, they might cause more harm than good by causing the pipes to corrode. 

  1. Conduct regular plumbing check and maintenance

Make it a habit to check under your sink for leaks or mold growth. If you find either one, you should book a plumber to inspect and fix the problem as soon as possible. Leaks that are left unbothered for a long period of time can encourage mold growth, damage your cabinets or corrode the floor and pipes. Not only that, leaks can also increase your bills and decrease water pressure. Even if there are no potential problems from regular checks, it is essential to let a plumber conduct seasonal maintenance to prevent future damage and ensure your home plumbing system is functioning efficiently.

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