This Is Why You Should Start Swimming

Contrary to popular belief, swimming isn’t just all about showing off the fancy swimsuits you have! This low-impact activity carries a series of advantages that can benefit you in the long run, especially when you start learning early. If performed on a regular basis, it can even sculpt your muscles and keep your weight at a healthy level. So here’s why you should start swimming.

man swimming in water

Swimming Increases Your Stamina

Some tasks can be a pain. Climbing up the stairs, running to catch the train, chasing a taxi to catch a ride – it’s all stressful and challenging. But once swimming becomes a part of your lifestyle, all that stress will go down the drain and be the least of your problems. As you go on swimming for longer periods of time, you then expand your lung capacity (basically expanding how much air you can hold) and you’ll be exercising your heart to have a good and healthy heart rate. As you go along, you’ll realize later on that you’ll be climbing more stairs without panting heavily and having your heart pounding inside your chest. Swimming is an exercise that involves the entire body. The effects won’t just be seen in water, but out of water too!

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Swimming Will Save Your Life

Welcome to the Philippines, where floods are common. There are places here that are truly prone to floods, and the rising amount of trash is not helping the situation. So, what do you do when you have a flood to deal with and it’s rising to the roof of the first floor of your house? Swim. Swim like your life depends on it because it does! Places like UST, Marikina, Pasig are prone to flash floods, and what will you do if your car dies? You’re chin-deep in water, and you have no choice but to swim. So it’s important to pick up swimming, because this skill can keep you alive.

lady relaxing in water

Swimming Encourages Weight Loss

Ladies, ever wondered how to get those thigh gaps that everyone’s dreaming to get? There are two ways to go around it. One is to follow the usual workouts involving squats, lunges, jogging and biking. The other option is to jump into a pool of cool water and begin swimming laps. As the whole body adjusts to stay afloat, your body is more prone to burning calories. With both your arms and legs swinging and kicking to keep your body afloat, you’ll start burning those calories faster than getting all sweaty at the gym.

swimming laps in the pool

Swimming Builds Your Endurance

While most workouts drain the motivation out of you to pick up a dumbbell and start lifting, swimming doesn’t do that. The water cushions majority of the stress that you go through and keeps you cool even with your body burning up.While cooling down in the water, your body can continue working out consistently without you feeling the pain and muscle aches that accompany intense heavy work-outs.

happy woman in water

Swimming Is Fun, And Happiness Is Key

Being in the pool shouldn’t limit you to swimming laps all day. Have your friends join you too! The more, the merrier. While having fun, your body releases happy juices known as endorphins, which energize your immune system and help your body repair the damage from the recent stress you’ve gone through. Happiness and healthiness are all wrapped in one pretty package called swimming.

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