This Is Why You Should Leave Renovations To The Professionals

We have all watched a home makeover show at some point and thought to ourselves, “If only that was me getting a free home makeover.”

Sorry to burst your bubble, but not all home makeovers have a happy ending. In fact, some of them go horribly wrong. We have compiled a list of reality TV renovations that crashed and burned, which will make you afraid of hiring amateur designers to style your home.

Trading Spaces Fiascoes

If you’re a reality TV home makeover buff, then I’m sure you’ve heard of the disaster that was Trading Spaces. The show saw two neighbors renovating each other’s homes without any input from the homeowners themselves. Unfortunately for the homeowners involved though, the designer hired by the show to help them out always had quirky design ideas that left many people wishing they had never joined in the first place. Which of course makes for great TV albeit at the home owner’s expense.

Doesn’t Take A Needle To Spot This Hay Stack

Photo credit: House Beautiful

My personal favorite disaster was when they painted a living room ceiling a pale baby pink shade and proceeded to stick hay to the walls of the living room. I mean, were they trying to create a Barbie-themed stall for horses? I’ve heard of bringing the outdoors in, but let’s leave the barn outside… please.

Leave Alice in Wonderland Out Of Our Homes!

Photo credit: House Beautiful

First, they painted the walls of the living room black that just made the entire space look dark, cramped and foreboding. Then they bought extra furniture by mistake and had no choice but to use it as decor and hang it upside down from the ceiling – there is no other logical explanation as to why they did it. Unless they were living in an alternate universe where nothing makes sense, you know, like Wonderland.

Caribbean Nightmare

Photo credit: House Beautiful

This designer took the couple’s Caribbean dreams and trampled over them with a steamroller. Here’s a lesson folks – never tempt fate and ask “What could possibly go wrong?” A lot, clearly.

Is This A Set For CSI Or A Dining Room?!

Photo credit: House Beautiful

Who can forget the time they hung up a bloody tarp disguised as “art”. They literally transformed this poor couple’s home into a crime scene! There’s no need to call the jury for this one because it’s clear they are guilty as charged! If you want to see the look of sheer horror on the homeowners face when they first got a look at the disastrous end product of the homemaker then watch this compilation video of the all the worst makeovers from Trading Spaces.

It’s a big deal to trust an amateur designer you’ve never met before who doesn’t understand your design preferences and whose chief objective is aesthetics without a care for the functionality of the space.

At the end of the day, you get a high design space that isn’t reflective of you at all and has zero functionality for your day to day life. Save yourself the misery and get in touch with our renovation experts on instead – we guarantee your home will never make it on this list.

written by Mindy Kaura