Things You Might Be Forgetting to Clean

Shower Curtains

Shower curtains don’t get the love they deserve. It helps keep the water from the shower from flooding the rest of the bathroom floor, plus it protects your privacy for when you sing and dance in the shower, or if you’re crying. The shower is the perfect place for mold and mildew to develop. Your shower curtains are not safe from that and you should probably be paying attention. Mold and mildew will cause your shower to be dirtier as it builds up, so make it a habit to wash it. The easy way to do it is with wiping it down with vinegar… BUT did you know can throw it in the washing machine? Just throw it in with a couple of light colored towels, a cup of baking soda, and laundry detergent. The towels act as a shield between the machine and the plastic, the baking soda deodorizes and scrubs away the moldy gunk forming on the shower curtain. Sounds easy-peasy, right?

Pillows & Mattresses

Okay, you might already be changing your sheets every couple of weeks and think, “Hey, that’s enough work.”—WRONG. Here are some disgusting facts about pillows: there are DUST MITES living in your bed. Thousands of them, probably millions. They feed on dander or dead skin, which a normal person sheds a fifth of ounce worth every week. So you know, you’re casually feeding the dust mites in your bed every night. They don’t carry diseases, but they can cause allergic reactions.

So change your pillowcases every couple of weeks, and wash the pillows twice a year. It’s also beneficial for your skin that you do because the bacteria will give you pimples, and it’s not great. Don’t waste a 10-step Korean skincare routine by sleeping on a dirty pillow!

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt from your mattress. Also, spread a layer of baking soda and let it sit for a few minutes to deodorize the bed, vacuum it off afterwards.

Electric Fans

Fans are our best buddies during the hot days, which is basically all year round in the Philippines. They don’t get as much love unless they’re pretty much black from all the dust. Dirty fans have shorter life spans than fans that are kept clean and maintained, the dirtier your fan is, the dirtier the air you breathe is. Think of your lungs! Also, think of how much money you’ll save if you take care of your fans.

Dish Racks

Dish racks give your washed plates love, they keep your plates upright, they dry your plates, but they can’t keep themselves dry. There’s water build up underneath so that means there are mildew and slime developing. They hold clean dishes but a dirty dish rack is disgusting. It’s gross to eat out of a plate that touched a mildew-infested dish rack. To clean the dish rack, it should be taken apart so you can clean each piece separately, and rinse it well afterwards. To get rid of mildew, mix 1⁄4 cup of bleach with a gallon of water and soak the dish rack parts for about 20 minutes before wiping away slime or mildew. Rinse it, and allow it to dry completely.

Kids’ toys

Kids like exploring, they are curious creatures and they pick up a lot of things: like food, toys, insects, and any random item they find interesting even if it’s just a colored rock. They love their toys the most though, oftentimes they leave their toys rolling on the ground and is now covered in bacteria. There are harmless bacteria but there are some that cause sickness like the flu. That’s why you should wash and disinfect your kids’ toys frequently. There are various ways of cleaning and disinfecting toys depending on the material and the size. However, the most common way is to wash the toys with soap or detergent to remove surface dirt and grime. Disinfection comes second, it helps kill the bacteria or stop it from reproducing. Wipe the toy with a diluted bleach solution made of a tablespoon of bleach per one gallon of water. Let it air dry. Cleaning and disinfecting toys might seem like a waste of time, but trust us, if it’s going to help your child stay healthy, it’s worth it.

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