Things to consider before hiring a renovation contractor

Remodelling your home can be stressful and expensive. Choosing the right would determine whether the project would be successful or disastrous. So, here are some things to keep in mind when choosing your next contractor.

 Know what you want

Before you even decide to contact any contractors, you need to know what improvements you want done. Spend some time thinking about the overall goal of your project. What do you want at the end of this project? What do you envision it to look like? 

Get several quotes from different contractors

Three quotations is the minimum recommendation you should get. However, to get a better picture of the market price, six quotations is strongly recommended. Comparing these quotations will help you gain an overall perspective of the cost of your project.  

Know what you are paying for

Everyone loves free stuff. Most contractors will usually provide a free estimate of the overall cost of a project. If the cost of the project is over several thousands, contractors will give you a scope of work proposal. This breaks down the overall project cost into a list of item costs of labour, materials and other fees. This list can look overwhelming so take some time to look through it and discuss any confusing cost with your contractor.

Do a background check

Even if the contractor was recommended by a friend or your neighbour, it is essential to do a basic background check. You should establish some minimum credentials such as the company’s full name and address. You should also check if they are licensed and if they have any insurance.

 Investigate their past projects

Some contractors may be specialists in certain areas while others may just do general renovation work. Looking at their previous work can help you decide if they are the best suit for your project. Things to look out for are similarities between their past projects and your project, quality of material used and the workmanship.

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