These Home Designs Prove That Opposites Attract

Have you been scouring through the web lately to find inspirations for your home makeover? Or maybe you’ve been going through magazine pages to get some fresh perspectives? If you’ve been struggling to decide on a new theme for your home because of too many options out there, don’t worry. You can mix and match even the most seemingly opposite of themes. Check out these home designs for inspiration.

Black and White

Bold-pattern-of-the-rug-and-the-throw-pillows-drive-home-the-black-and-white-color-palette Photo credit:

While using this color theme may look like a bold move to make, the two opposite ends of the color spectrum actually make for a great, sophisticated look when combined. When used together, black and white give off a chic vibe. Thus, it transforms your home into an art piece in itself. The key is to use white as the base color with black accents in the form of furniture, lighting fixtures, or wall art.

Modern and Vintage

modern and vintage apartment Photo credit:

It’s almost a given that these two don’t go together – your home is either bathed in edgy, modern décor or it looks like a timeless piece from a different era. But surprisingly, when these two worlds meet, the product is an unexpected but pleasant surprise. One way you can do this is by mixing shades of gray and crisp whites with dark wood, so you maintain that edgy vibe will still giving your home a homey feel. You can even add intricate patterns in your decoration to fully capture vintage design. 

In Contrast

blue and orange living room Photo credit:

Using contrasting colors may seem counterintuitive, but it’s actually a rule in art that colors on the opposite ends of the color wheel make the best pairs – yellow and violet, green and red, blue and orange, and so on. The trick is to play with the shades so the pair doesn’t seem too bold and overwhelming.

Neon and Pastel

neon and pastel home design Photo credit:

These two may not seem like they go together under any one roof at all, but they actually do. Neon seems like a signature color style for bolder themes, and pastel seems like a signature style for those who want to keep it subdued and mild. However, it’s exactly because of these opposite traits that they, neon and pastel, complement each other well. They balance each other out while still decorating your home in a flair of color.

Classy and Funky

classy and funky home design Photo credit:

Who says you can’t have the best of two different worlds? Mixing up classy and funky home decorating styles may seem risky at first. But combining the two actually results into an interesting interior design theme that’s both sophisticated and fun. 

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written by Bea Luna