These Are the Top 3 Trending Colours for 2018

If you’re planning on updating the colour schemes of your home anytime soon, you’ll want to know which colours are going to be in fashion for the coming year. 2018 may be about half a year away, but being prepared for the future is always a good idea. When decorating or redecorating, it’s always about working with a colour palette, rather than just one monochrome colour in several shades.

Here are three colour combinations that are both fresh and experimental and can be incorporated into any room in the house, or applied throughout the entire home. These colour trend predictions have been put forward by Sherwin-Williams, specialists in interior paints and wallpapers.

1. Blue, fuschia and brown

Blue and fuschia make a perfect team. Don’t forget to balance it out with some earthy browns. Remember to use these colours as accents to neutral colours like white and beige so that they don’t become overwhelming.

Photo credit: Elle Decor’s Pinterest

The colours represent a step up from the usual prim and proper subdued tones of previous years and is a representation of how globalisation has inspired curiosity about the world. This desire to explore and try new things is reflected in the bold strains of fuchsia and striking blue, just like subtle browns reflect the links we all have to sober and conservative traditions of home.

2. Fluorescent highlights

This colour scheme is really very futuristic and is meant to reflect the technological innovations that have been made within this generation. It draws inspiration from Silicon Valley, and this generations’ obsession with social media and the internet. The colours are bright and fluorescent and should be paired with neutralizing colours like white. Shades like pixelated Orange, high-def yellow, virtual purple and digitally inspired blues and greens can all make it into the design.

Photo credit: Lushomes

Be bold and incorporate one or two fluorescent highlights to the room. All you have to do is make sure they’re balanced out with neutral colours. These colours reflect a fun youthfulness that you can incorporate into any room in the home, even in the bedroom. Feel free to decorate as if you’re in a video game with a plethora of digital colours.

3. Soft, neutral and hazy shades

The aim of this color scheme is to create a relaxing oasis of calmness and turn your home into a comforting place to rest after a stressful day at work. It includes hazy greys, mixed in with washed neutrals, soft warm pinks and gentle cloudy greens that are meant to be a welcoming color tone that promotes rest.

Photo credit: Sherwin-Williams

These colours have been combined together to form a harmonious fluidity, with no stark contrasts, and all the colours flowing into one another with ease.

Keeping your home trendy and modern is an undertaking that will require some help, especially from experts. You’ll want to contact some of the professional painters here on and you’ll have any room in your house painted in the best tones, all ready for next year and the years to come.

written by Michelle Chee