The Benefits Of Deep Cleaning Your Home

Did you know that researchers have discovered an average of 7,000 different types of bacteria per household? One study shows the most contaminated objects in the home found over 340 different bacteria on 30 different objects. So what actually are the benefits of deep cleaning? Let’s find out!

  1.  Increases indoor air quality

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    Poor indoor air quality is linked to many illnesses and infections. Dust can cause irritation of the eyes, coughing, sneezing, hay fever and asthma attacks. 

    60% of household dust come from outdoors, the other 40% comes from dust mites, food debris and dead skin. There are more dust particles lying around your home than you know. For instance, dust can be found behind cabinets, ceiling fans, on top of doors, windows and carpets. 

    Deep cleaning involves cleaning those places that may contain hidden dust particles. Deep cleaning will eliminate the dust particles stuck around your furniture and dust particles in the air. With the absence of dust particles in the air of your house, it will help improve the air quality in your home significantly.


  2. Remove harmful bacteria and viruses

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    Dirty homes are sanctuaries for all kinds of bacteria and viruses. According to the Society for General Microbiology, some bacteria divide every 20 minutes with the right temperature and nutrients. Places like the kitchen, living room, and especially toilets contain the most bacteria and viruses in your home. 

    Quick wipe downs are quick and convenient but it’s ineffective, only a deep clean can eliminate the majority of bacteria and viruses laying around. To completely get rid of all those nasty bacteria and viruses, a deep cleaning is an essential way to go.

    Hire our professional cleaners for a deep clean to ensure your home is no longer an accommodation option for unwanted guests.


  3. Reduces stress

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    People might find it weird how deep cleaning can actually reduce stress levels in the house. It may not be obvious but when conducting deep cleaning, you will be moving, rearranging and organising household items. 

    You will encounter useless clutter that has been laying around for who knows how long. You may even need a helping hand with getting rid of the overwhelming amount of clutter around the house.

    By deep cleaning your house every so often, you can eliminate clutter and the hassle of misplacing items around the house. You will even be awarded extra living space from removing all that dust-collecting clutter.

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