The 10 Commandments For A Clean Home

Keeping the house clean and tidy is important. It is your home, your happy place, and the one place where no judgment is passed – unless there are dirty dishes in the sink. But maintaining a clean home comes at a price – the house chores. Here are the 10 most important tasks that you should never compromise on, no matter how busy you are.

1. Honour Thy Bathroom By Cleaning It Regularly

Hands on yellow gloves cleaning a WC

Ladies, the bathroom is your sanctuary. It’s where you go to do your make-up, answer the call of nature, and practice your singing beneath the shower head. But it’s also one of the most bacteria-prone places, which is why cleaning it on a regular basis is an absolute must!

2. Thou Must Clean Thy Floors

vacuum cleaner

Do you shed like a dog? Strands of hair on the floor is a major sign that your floor needs a thorough sweep ASAP. Don’t wait until the morning, or you’ll never get it done.

3. Thou must know how to recycle

green garbage can

Don’t be a hoarder. Recycle the items that you’re no longer using, such as wine bottles and milk jugs that haven’t been touched in ages. This healthy habit will help you to declutter your space too. Everyone has a part to play in knowing what materials to recycle and which ones to scrap.

4. Thou must segregate thy trash


You must never, ever mix wet trash with dry trash. Mixing wet trash causes mold to grow on dry trash and that’s how it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, making it a complete mess. Segregating your trash appropriately will prevent bacteria from growing while keeping the flies and cockroaches away!

5. Thou shall keep the beds and blankets clean

guest bedroom

Do you eat in bed? Or do you have cats and dogs cuddling up with you on the sheets? It’s time to ensure that your bed stays clean to prevent dust mites from dirty sheets. Roll off the dirt using a lint brush, and try to bring the mattress and sheets out for some occasional dusting.

6. Thou hath to keep the kitchen clean

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The kitchen is where you prepare all your meals. Since it’s always full of perishables, make sure you clean up any mess or leftovers by wiping the counter, sweeping and vacuuming the floor, scrubbing under the grills of the stove and throwing out any rotten or expired food in your refrigerator.

7. Thou must clean thy pantry

Adjustable-wire-shelving-is-an-inexpensive-product-for-customizing-your-pantry-space.Photo credit:

Your pantry is where you keep all your canned goods, oils, sugar, and other food that you stock up for the week. Unfortunately, because it’s full of food, it’s also prone to visits from pesky rats and cockroaches. Clean your pantry by inspecting every nook and cranny and throwing out expired food. Seal up all consumables that have a hole in their packaging, and check for any dented cans because food from a dented can cause botulism, a life-threatening condition that attacks the nervous system.

8. Thou must check your stock of cleaning materials

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Certain materials suit specific surfaces. For instance, when cleaning a marble kitchen counter, you’re better off using a chamois with a little warm water and some dish soap to keep it clean. And if you want the floor to stay shiny, you’re gonna need some wax. Wax comes in different colors though, so it’s up to you to ensure you get the right shade that matches your floor.

9. Thou Must Do Thy Dishes

dirty dishes in the sink

If you have time to eat, you definitely have time to clean. So don’t let your laziness get the better of you. Make it a regular habit to clean up right after your meal. Don’t let the dishes pile up, because you don’t want to step into the kitchen the next day to an unflattering sight of food-crusted plates and pots in the sink. On another note, dirty dishes are a magnet for lizards and cockroaches!

10. Thou must wrap the wires and cables around the house

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Having gadgets with long wires can be tiresome. Especially when you start tripping over them, cleaning up can be quite a chore. So, get some of those twisties or paper clips to help contain those wires so you can have a clean and uncluttered floor instead of having to deal with a wiry mess.

Having a clean house is not just for show. It’s a lifestyle that you channel through your hygiene, and it will benefit you and your household in the long run. But we understand how troublesome chores can be, especially when exhaustion kicks in after a long day out and all you really want to do is to flop onto the couch and leave those nasty chores for another day.

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written by Katherine Gohu