3 Popular Textured Walls to Spruce Up Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is a place where you tend to spend the most time in your home, and having a plain bland painted four walls might not be up your alley. Or a framed photo propped up over your bed frame can seem trite. Another alternative would be wallpaper, but that might remind you a little too much of the 1950s. Adding on different materials to your wall can give your room distinct character and brighten up the ambiance.

Here are some ways in which you’re able to add some texture and grain to your bedroom walls.

  • Brick panels

Source: hallofhomes.com

Most homes in South East Asia come with plain concrete walls, but you do not need to demolish your entire wall to simply build up a brick wall just for aesthetics. Brick and stone veneers are able to give you the vintage homey look you’re looking for.

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  • Wood paneling

Who says wood paneling has to stay on the floor? Up your antics and try covering your walls with light wash wood paneling instead. This would give your bedroom the Scandinavian feel ever popularized by our neighborhood flat pack, build-it-yourself furniture store.

  • Cement walls

Source: ambito.co

Looking for a more industrial vibe? How about smearing cement tinted with white paint to create different tones on your walls. This creates different layers of texture on the walls without having to add on veneers or paneling.

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written by Sereena Low