Pretty Skylights We Need To Have In Our Home

How often have you looked out of your window and saw the stars in the night sky? Or have you watched the rain tucked in the comforts of your own home and watch the raindrops roll off your window panes? Now, imagine the same scenes but instead of looking out of your window, you just look up at your ceiling. This is what a skylight is for, I mean, who does not want the warmth of sunlight streaming into their home and the comforting rays during dusk creeping into their bedroom.

Here are some skylights we absolutely need to have in our homes, pronto!

source: pinterest 

A slanted ceiling? Not a problem, here they simply added in a skylight to add dimension into the room and make it seem bigger than it actually is. Imagine waking up and looking up to see the sun streaming into your room, what a beautiful way to start the day!

source: onefinestay

In this home, the living room and dining area have their own skylights. This lets so much natural light into the home, that really accentuates the Scandinavian theme in the home. Having the skylight veered to the side in the dining area gives you the option to put lamps over your dining table for when night time rolls around.

source: sustainable kitchens

Wall to wall skylight, with panes separated by dark oak panes gives this kitchen a rustic yet modern vibe. Skylights are often a small panel in on your ceiling, but this one takes the cake. Spanning the entire area of the kitchen, this skylight is one we are certainly envious of!

source: gardenista

After a long week, what could be more relaxing than unwinding in a warm bath and looking up into the blue sky above you? This small strip of a skylight lets just enough light into the bathroom without it being too harsh.

Now, not every home comes with a skylight. Or you might not even be sure which part of your home has the structural integrity that is able to sustain a skylight. Installing one might just seem like a distant Pinterest dream, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Click here to get one of your home improvement contractors come by and give you a consultation!

written by Sereena Low