Simple Ideas on How to Declutter Your Living Room Easily


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When you have a job (or children), the mindless act after a long, tiring day of leaving a cup out, or a magazine on the table, slowly accumulate so that by the end of the week, you walk through the door and are shocked at how messy and cluttered your home has become. It’s always better to relax in an environment that actually inspires relaxation, no?

Your living room easily becomes the worse room as it is where everyone in the household usually congregates. To make your life easier (and tidier!), here are a few easy ideas to help you declutter your living room.

Bookcases for everything

Some people convince themselves that they have no use for a bookcase because they don’t have many books at home. Bookcases can be for so many things other than books! They can be used to store anything and everything — photographs, ornaments, vases, and other decorative items just like the picture above. It’s just a tidier way to have your things properly arranged and displayed. If you cant decide on a particular bookcase for your living room, you can always engage a carpenter to customize a bookcase that fits your living room.

Coffee tables with built-in storage

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For a tidy room, it’s important to have a place where small, scattered items can be kept off the surfaces while also being easy to find and use. We highly recommend using a coffee table that contains storage space to maximize the use of that space in the middle of your living room. Opt for either a table with drawers to throw small things inside, or an open shelf type for your collection of books and magazines.

Wall-mounted baskets

Instead of restricting the use of your walls to only photographs, art and timepieces, use a coat rack to hang baskets on your walls. The tricky thing is to do this in a tasteful way so that stylish baskets can double as decorations in your living room whilst organising your personal belongings neatly in an easy-to-reach space.

Storage boxes


Storage boxes are essential to have especially when you have kids around. Keep all the toys and colouring pencils in a box to avoid messy floors and to avoid stepping on loose lego pieces. The more you can put away in storage boxes instead of leaving them lying around the room, the better.

The ideas suggested above are useful but useless if you don’t have the habit to tidy and put things away. Discipline from you and members of your household is the most important! Each night, take 5 minutes before going to bed just to throw out the rubbish and put things back in their places — storage boxes, book cases, coffee table, your bedroom, etc. Procrastination might be comforting at the moment but waking up to a chaotic home will get the better of you.

And if it’s still too much to handle? Hire a cleaner — full-time or part-time maids can help you keep your place clean and organised. Find a professional cleaning company today on